7-10-2016 WiR

Vive le Tour! The riders may have complained about some slow riding this week, but here at AeroGeeks HQ, we couldn’t get enough. Cavendish racking up three wins was simply fantastic. If this is what being over the hill looks like, sign us up. Then watching BMC control the race by putting the yellow jersey in the breakaway was just fun to watch. Finally, rounding out the week we have Froome bombing the descents to put a few seconds into his GC rivals. Our only complaint was no team time trial or individual time trials in week one, so we didn’t see teams going full aero. Luckily we will be seeing some of that in the coming two weeks.




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Nike AeroSwift Tape

Anyone watching Galen Rupp’s domination of the 10K at the US Olympic Trials this week probably noticed what you thought was kinesio tape on his arms and legs and wondered if he might be battling an injury. But after watching his performance, it was obvious it wasn’t an injury. So what was it? Competitor.com tracked the details down for us.


Developed by Nike, the AeroSwift tape is reported to provide a 2-3% improvement in aerodynamic performance. Individual AeroBlades are attached to the tape to create air vortices to disturb the boundary layer of air around a runners’ legs and arms.


We don’t think these are ready for triathlon yet (for starters, we’d have no idea how to get a wetsuit on and off with them on), but we suspect this technology will be making its way to a transition area near you sometime in the future.

New Bell Road Helmet

Hopefully by now you already caught the new Bell road helmet on the AeroGeeks Instagram feed (and if not, why aren’t you following it?). We don’t have very many details on the new helmet yet – just that team Lotto Jumbo has been riding it this past week.


Stay tuned to AeroGeeks.com for full details as we prepare for Eurobike and Interbike!

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