Coeur Women’s Cycling Bib Shorts – Review

There’s something almost magical when you find a pair of bib shorts that fit like a glove. And if you’re like us, when you do find that perfect fit, you probably purchase a couple pairs just to be sure you’re never without your favorite pair. That pretty much describes the way we feel about Coeur’s bib shorts. Needless to say, our multisport editor was pretty distraught when she realized they were in the wash one morning as she was getting ready to head out for a ride. So what’s Coeur’s secret to the perfect pair of bib shorts?


First, there was something we noticed immediately about the fabric. Coeur described it as “buttery soft,” and we can’t disagree. The fabric, which is composed of a Poly/Spandex blend, feels almost like a second skin. There wasn’t a single rough seam or edge to speak of, which is a very welcome feature after hours in the saddle. In addition to being amazingly soft, the fabric also breathed extremely well. We never felt sopping wet and uncomfortable, which is a lot to say after wearing them during a two-hour Zwift suffer-fest.

Coeur’s bib shorts feature a 7” inseam and come in sizes ranging from XS to XL. Our multisport editor typically wears a size small, which is also what she tested. The bibs were true to size and fit like a dream, even on her tall 5’ 9” frame. If this is the first time you’re purchasing from Coeur, we’d recommend you check out their sizing chart just to be safe.


Another favorite feature was Coeur’s top-of-the-line chamois pad from the Italian company CyTech. While we typically prefer a pretty minimalist chamois, which is another reason why we love Coeur’s tri shorts, this chamois surprised us. According to Coeur, they put a lot of time searching for the highest quality chamois available, and it certainly shows. It was comfortable from the second we got on the bike until the very last minute of the ride. We never felt any friction, hot spots, or rubbing—it just fit, exactly like it was supposed to. If you’re familiar with Coeur’s clever tagline, “Keep the Kitty Happy,” you know just how important a good chamois is to their designers!

Whether you’re a long time wearer of bibs, or you’re looking to try your first pair, we’d highly recommend giving Coeur’s line a good look. In our opinion, the comfort you find here is truly a game changer. And at a price of $109.99, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the price or the quality. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can pick up a pair on Coeur’s site.

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