Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL – Aero Data

Yesterday we shared our First Look at the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL. And while we had aero data, we did not yet have any of the test parameters that went along with it.  As a result, we held off on sharing the data until we had the parameters in hand. The good news is that we got it just 24 hours later.


The testing took place at the Geneva wind tunnel, which is where Mavic has done all of their testing since 2011. The wheels were tested wheels + tires only (no bikes or dummy riders). According to Mavic, they chose wheel only “because we’re comparing wheels and, that from a bike to the next, results can be different. So, we decided to neutralize the bike influence.” Wind speed in the tunnel was set to 40 km/h. One other note from Mavic: “the watts savings are given according the aero gap at each yaw angle, weighted by the time spent at each yaw angle (the bar graph). Most of our competitors would only communicate savings at one yaw angle, most often the one where they have the most significant gap.”

And there you have it.

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