SLS3 Compression Sleeves – Review

When it comes to compression products, we’re believers. We wear various types of compression products during and after workouts and races to help delay muscle fatigue and speed recovery, and we feel like these products make a noticeable difference. So when SLS3 asked us to give their compression sleeves a try, we were happy to oblige.


We tested the SLS3 Butterfly Compression Sleeves, which come in a variety of colors like green, purple, pink, and blue and will run you about $44.90. Sizes run from XS/SM up to L/XL.


SLS3 isn’t quite as well known as other companies with compression sleeves on the market, but you’d never know it from the quality of their product. We have been wearing the sleeves for several months now, and they’ve held up against more trips through the washing machine than we can count. What’s more, they haven’t stretched, snagged, or faded.


Considering the butterfly pattern, it’s no shock that our multisport editor snagged these for herself to test. Oh, and by the way, if you’re not into the butterflies, SLS3 does offer plenty of other options to choose from. They offer solid patterned sleeves, as well as a wide variety of other compression gear too.


Aside from the pattern, her favorite thing about these sleeves was their breathability. Even after her longest runs in 90+ degree heat, she never felt as though her legs overheated in these sleeves. That’s actually something that SLS3 boasts as a feature with these sleeves—not only are they cool, but they also offer UV protection as well. And anything that helps protect our skin from the sun without causing us to overheat is a win in our book.


As we mentioned earlier, these sleeves have held their “squeeze” for months now, which is great. We typically find that a lot our compression gear can loose its effectiveness over time, but the SLS3 pair are still going strong just like day one. This is probably a good time to mention that the SLS3 Butterfly Compression Sleeves offer 20-30 mmHG of graduated compression. And in the world of compression, this is considered to be pretty firm. To give you an idea, medical strength compression is typically in this 20-30 mmHG range. Lighter compression usually comes in at 15-20 mmHG. Basically the higher the number, the higher the level of compression you’ll experience.


Speaking of compression levels, we did find our pair of sleeves to be a bit snugger than we would have preferred when it came time to take them off. Our multisport editor typically wears an XS/SM in other compression sleeves, but she would probably have gone up a size in these.  Just be sure to pay special attention to SLS3’s sizing guidelines when purchasing. And if you’re on the edge between sizes, you might want to size up to be safe.


We’re still enjoying our workouts in the SLS3 sleeves, and we love the fact that they’re just as effective as they were from the very first day we wore them. While the price is just a bit higher than other sleeves on the market, we don’t think it should make a huge negative impact on the gear budget—especially since they hold up so well over time. So if you’re looking to try something new for compression, we would recommend giving the SLS3 sleeves a try.

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