Halo Belt – Review

Athlete safety has been and will always be one of the most important topics we cover here on AeroGeeks.com. Sure, we know it has nothing to do with aero. But for triathletes and cyclists who typically spend many early-morning or late-night hours working out alone in the dark, nothing matters more than arriving safe at home in one piece. And that’s where the Halo Belt comes in – a very bright way to stand out in the dark.

LED USB Rechargeable Reflective Safety belt

The Halo Belt

The Halo Belt is an ultra-bright LED embedded in an adjustable elastic belt that can be worn across your hips or back. The belt features 3M reflective materials where the LED is not visible and uses a plastic buckle to stay put.


The LED is USB-rechargeable and can be set to two different light modes – flash and solid.


The Halo Belt is weatherproof and designed to be one-size-fits-all (up to a men’s size 46). Available in three colors (blue, red, and green) the Halo Belt retails for $37.

Our Thoughts

When it came to early-morning or nighttime rides, the Halo Belt has been a faithful companion. Once we had it clipped around our waist we completely forgot it was there until after our ride. Well, I guess we should probably clarify that we forgot about it. Considering how bright the Halo Belt is, our riding companions couldn’t miss it. The light itself is bright and very easily seen. Anyone on a ride with you will always know where you are (and to be honest, we were completely fine with that). We chose to keep it in the flashing mode, and it was still going strong after two-hour rides.

LED USB Rechargeable Reflective Safety belt

Our only issue with the belt was running with it. Since we almost always run with a hydration belt, the Halo Belt felt a bit bulky and crowded.  It had no problem staying put, but for us it was just too much. For those who choose to run without a hydration belt, we don’t think you will have an issue. But for us, we preferred to just use the Halo Belt on the bike.

Wrapping Up

We’re big fans of any product that helps to keep us out of harms way. And the fact that the Halo Belt is comfortable for long rides and has the battery to last the distance is like icing on the cake (with sprinkles).  We also consider $37 a great investment if you’re like us and spend plenty of time training in the dark.

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