Weatherneck – First Look

Most companies play it safe. For example, in this industry, if a company’s first successful product was a mini tool, you’d logically expect them to follow that up with another tool. Then, maybe they’d come out with an inflator, or something similar. Not so with the team at Fix It Sticks. While their first product was indeed a mini tool, their follow up product was the Backbottle – a bottle meant to fit easily into your back jersey pocket. As for their next product, we had some ideas. But a new take on the classic bandana? We didn’t see that coming.


Meet the Weatherneck. And while Fix It Sticks may call it an updated bandana, we aren’t so sure that’s a fully apt description. This is so much more than a square piece of cloth. The Weatherneck is made out of double-knit spandex material that’s typically used in team sports due to its toughness, stretch, and feel. The thick fabric on the sides block the wind, expel moisture, and stay formed around your face without pressure.

The Weatherneck comes on and off quickly thanks to a set of built-in magnets versus the standard knot of a bandana or Velcro of other options. It is also very ventilated due to a center mesh section, which makes breathing easier.


To make this one-size-fits-all, the Weatherneck offers a unique re-sizing option, so users can have a tight or loose fit. To adjust, keep the non-folded side against your body, while the folded side remains on the outside. The magnets power through an extra layer of fabric to grab the tighter position, and it easily stays in position through normal movement.


The Weatherneck will be available today on Kickstarter. Nine colors will be available at launch. $20 will get you a Weatherneck from the second run, or if you want to spend $25, you can get one quickly from the first run.


A square piece of cloth has nothing on the Weatherneck, and that’s exactly what the team at Fix It Sticks is counting on. Head on over to Kickstarter if you are looking for a new way to escape the cold, or even just to intimidate the competition.

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