Kona 2015 – Sugoi RS Tri Speedsuit

We became big fans of Sugoi’s tri suits when we tested the RS Ice Tri Suit back in August. But when we were chatting with Sugoi, we offered them a single piece of feedback – where are the sleeves? Time in the tunnel and at the track has been consistently showing the aero benefits of a sleeved suit. We wanted to see Sugoi take everything we loved about the Ice Tri Suit and simply add sleeves. They told us to sit tight and keep our eyes open for an announcement coming at Kona. Well, Kona has come and gone, and the new Sugoi RS Tri Speedsuit is here.

Sugoi RS Tri Speedsuit - Mens

Sugoi RS Tri Speedsuit – Mens

The RS Tri Speedsuit has been designed and tested in collaboration with top professional triathletes, including Matt Lieto and two-time Ironman Champion Liz Lyles. Lieto and Lyles tout the speedsuit’s ability to regulate body temperature, while its zoned construction ensures peak performance in the most punishing conditions experienced in Kona.

Sugoi RS Tri Speedsuit - Womens

Sugoi RS Tri Speedsuit – Womens

Sugoi started with their four-way stretch woven fabric: Dri Rapid with Coldblack treatment. Dri Rapid fabric provides hydro and aero-dynamic performance, and allows the suit to dry in only three minutes. Coldblack not only provides UPF 50 protection, but also reduces the absorption of sunlight and heat build- up that can develop during a grueling ride.


The front chest panel is constructed of Power Dri, a warp knit fabric that delivers a smooth supportive fit that won’t drape when worn open. One of our favorite features of the RS Ice was the leg grippers, and the Speedsuit gets a fully engineered gripper hem utilizing infused silicone to create a seamless entry point for maximum comfort, grip, and hold.

Another feature of the RS Ice we really enjoyed was a chamois that gave great cycling support without interfering on the run. For the Speedsuit, Sugoi has introduced the new TRI Lite PRO Chamois.


“We’ve changed the shape and topography of our chamois,” said Rob Gill, VP Design, Sugoi. “The TRI Lite PRO’s padding has been shifted forward to work alongside the place of the pelvis when it is in the aero position. This allows for better power output and performance.”

The TRI Lite PRO Chamois features triple density padding, including Poron® low rebound foam under the sit bones, which provides vibration dampening resistance that will not breakdown after repeated use. The new chamois is intended to greatly reduce pressure on the sit bones while riding, while still maintaining a lightweight, low profile and moisture wicking surface.


The RS Tri Speedsuit will be available in both Men’s and Women’s styles in January 2016 and will retail for $250 USD. Based on how much we loved the RS Ice Tri Suit, we cannot wait to get our hands on the new Speedsuit. Keep an eye on our Week in Review to get a heads up on when our Speedsuit comes in and we start putting it through its paces.

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    • Sorry on the delayed response but we just got an answer. The Speedsuit won’t be customizable for 2016, but will likely be in 2017

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