Interbike 2015 – Scott

When you first walked into the Scott booth at Interbike the first thing you noticed was a spot over to the right in which no light could penetrate. A dark object stood there, fighting against the bright lights of the booth. And no matter what time you of the day you walked by, there were always gawkers staring and pointing. When we finally pushed our way through, there stood the 2016 Plasma Premium – a bike that Darth Vader would proudly call his ride (and by the way, are we the only ones that wondered how aero his helmet is?).


The Plasma Premium wasn’t the only object of our lenses’ affection in the Scoot booth. They also displayed the new Foil in a number of paint schemes, all of which had us asking the good folks at Scott when ours would be showing up for review.

2016 Scott Foil Premium

2016 Scott Foil Premium

Finally, Scott unleashed a new tri shoe – an upgrade to the Tri Carbon Shoe, but with a twist – they had replaced the upper velcro strap with a Boa dial (see what we did there?)


Check out our full gallery below for all the details.

Scott Plasma Premium

Scott Foil Premium


Scott Foil Team Issue

2016 Scott Tri Carbon Shoe

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