Wahoo KICKR SNAP – First Look

We only had two complaints when we finished up our long-term review of the Wahoo KICKR—we didn’t get nearly enough time with it and the prices was a touch on the high side. Well, Wahoo may not be able to get us the KICKR for a longer period, but it still sounds like Wahoo read our review because today they are launching a new trainer. The best part is that this one is $250 cheaper and even easier to use!

kickr snap back


The new KICKR SNAP is a connected cycling trainer that, unlike its cassette-based sibling, uses a wheel-on design. For those who alternate frequently between trainer and road sessions, a wheel-on design can be a much quicker way to get your trainer sessions started.

kickr snap bike back profile

Weighing 38 pounds, SNAP is designed to keep its feet firmly planted on the floor so you can ride with confidence. Thanks to a unique flywheel, SNAP has been engineered to replicate the inertia experienced when riding outdoors, providing the highest inertia of any smart trainer on the market and unmatched wattage at any speed.


Like the KICKR, the SNAP connects seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, and computers via both ANT+ and BlueTooth 4.0. Using the Wahoo fitness app or other third-party apps, the SNAP gives the user full control over pedaling resistance and provides a reliable power measurement so users can adjust sensitivity. Using this integration, SNAP can work with training platforms like Zwift and TrainerRoad.

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The SNAP will be available in August for $849.99.


Our Thoughts

During our time with the original KICKR, one thing we did note was the time it took to get the wheel off and the bike situated on the trainer. It was never a huge deal, but considering how often we were using the KICKR, it was definitely something we had to get used to. The new wheel-on design of the SNAP solves that and does so for a full $250 less than the original. And for us, that’s reason enough to get excited for a long-term review!

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