Spy Optics Daft – Review

Sunglasses are a necessity for a triathlete. Whether on the bike or run, they help ensure you can actually see your way to the finish line. Although sunglasses are also something you don’t want to think about. You don’t want to be constantly readjusting them or struggling to clean sweat and grime off them. Let’s just say that when it comes to sunglasses, the less you see of them, the better – especially if that means the lens itself covers your entire field of vision. Spy Optics understood those needs completely when they developed the Daft.


With its oversized rimless lenses you see nothing but the road in front of you, solving one of our biggest pet peeves with sunglasses – frame visibility when on the aero bars. No matter our position, we never saw a hint of light peek over the top of the lens. These glasses ensure you always get a fully tinted (an unobstructed) view of the world.


Speaking of lenses, the Daft features Spy Optics’ Happy Lens technology. This technology works to allow long-wave blue light in while blocking UV and short-wave blue light. Spy Optics engineered this technology to take advantage of long-wave blue light’s special ability to bring about a number of positive physiological changes, including elevated mood and increased alertness (and they’re more than happy to share the studies that back up this science). And our feeling is that anything that can help us be happier and more alert after 5 hours on the bike is something we’re willing to try.


We found the Dafts to be extremely comfortable over long rides. While light doesn’t get past the big lens, air has no issue passing by. We never felt our face over heating due to lack of ventilation. The nose pads and temple tips are comfortable and held the glasses on securely. Shifting and slippage were never an issue. In fact, the only issue we ever had was some sweat getting on the top of the lens. One of our editors has larger forehead and bushy eyebrows that can leave a fine layer of sweat and grime on just about any lens after every ride, and the Dafts were no exception. Those with a smaller forehead and\or eye brows shouldn’t have any issue.


The Daft ships with a pair of lenses. In our case, we received the Happy Bronze with Blue spectra and a lowlight (Rose) option. Swapping between lenses is easy – simply push the lens arm up (perpendicular) to the frames and it pops right off. It’s a simple solution that we found to work well.


Selling at an MSRP of $149.99 (with both lenses) the Daft offers a good value option for those looking for racing frames. And if you share our hatred of frames in your vision, we highly recommend taking a look at the Daft from Spy Optics. After all, seeing nothing but clear road ahead is hard to beat.

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