Bontrager Aeolus Helmet – First Look

All too often it’s forgotten that Bontrager is more than an OEM supplier to Trek—they’re making some great products any athlete should consider (regardless of whether or not you ride Trek), including their Aeolus wheels, XXX Aero bars, and RXL Speed Dial saddle. So when we saw Jens riding with a new Bontrager aero helmet at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, we knew we had to do some digging to find out more.


It’s called the Aeolus helmet, and it’s designed to give some of the fastest cyclists in the world just another advantage. The Aeolus helmet continues the trend of short-tailed helmets we have seen over the past few years, which allows you to ride both heads-up and heads-down. Bontrager hasn’t yet released the aero data on it. But as soon as we see it, we’ll be sure to let you know.


The In-mold composite skeleton increases structural integrity and allows a greater variation of vent shape and size. As is becoming more common with helmets, the Aeolus can be adjusted with a single hand for both height and circumference.


The Aelous includes the visor, which is mounted via magnets. And anyone watching Jens race may have caught him easily pulling the visor off and mounting it to the top of the helmet.


The retail price is $274.99 and includes a crash replacement guarantee (free replacement if your helmet is involved in a crash during the first year of ownership).

Hopefully we will have the opportunity to get our hands on one shortly. You can be sure that we’ll share full details with you as soon as we get it into AG headquarters. Stay tuned!

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  2. Hopefully there will be a global release with this lid and the as yet unnamed Aero Road lid. Sadly Those of us in Australia and New Zealand tend to have to wait three years for some companies to release and A/NZ safety standards approved helmet here if they release at all, such as the Air Attack.

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