Cobb Randee’ – First Look

When Cobb introduced the Fifty-Five last year, it was more than just their first split-nose saddle – the Fifty-Five was the beginning of an entirely new saddle line they called JOF (Just Off Front). Today brings us the newest addition to the lineup, the Randee’.


The Randee’ is Cobb’s long-distance cruiser, designed for century and gran fondo riders looking to go the distance in a traditional cycling position. For triathletes that do not use an extremely aggressive aero position, the Randee’ is built to see you through all 112 miles of glory.


Cobb sent us a Randee’ to try late last week, and while we haven’t had a chance to do a full review, we did squeeze a couple rides in. The Randee’ weighs in at 304g and is 270mm long with a measured max width of 145mm. The chart below shows the saddle width as you move from front to back (in mm).

Distance from Front (in mm) Width (in mm)
20 50
50 53
100 67
150 120
200 145

The channel runs for 175mm at a width of roughly 22 mm, though at about 160mm in, the channel widens to 45mm.


With its wider back end and larger channel, the Randee’ comes off as a much more comfort-oriented saddle when compared with the Fifty-Five.  As we’d mentioned earlier, we’ve been able to get a few rides on the Randee’ so far and found it to be comfortable after an hour in the aero bars. Even with its gran fondo design, the Randee’ doesn’t feel over-padded. However sitting on the pursuits we could see where Cobb had enhanced the padding. Overall, while we’re looking to get in quite a few more rides before we pass final judgment, so far so good.

The Randee’ will retail through July for $169.99 with possible price increases in the following months. If you’re looking for a long-distance hauler, at first look the Randee’ appears to be a serious contender. Make sure to stay tuned to see how we like it as we put in more miles. And as always, if you have any questions or want to see something specific, be sure to email us at

5 responses to “Cobb Randee’ – First Look

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  2. Hey guys, thx for all the reviews – I ride a vflow max I transferred from my road bike when I got my DA 4 lat fall. Training for MD IM and into my long rides now…I wear de soto tri shorts and considering either one of the JOF’s or de soto 400 mile shorts. Got a view of either JOF over the vflow for IM? the 55 vs randee specific thoughts? Thx!

    • Hi Bob – I think it really depends on how aggressive you get with your position. For us it feels like the FiftyFive is for the more aggressive position while the Randee is for those that ride a big more upright. The Max falls somewhere in between.

      Our best recommendation would be to try both out and see what works for you. (Sorry we didn’t have a better answer than that).

  3. thanks guys – I’m looking into either the Randee or the fifty five. my aero position isn’t terribly aero. I’m also training from IMMT next year. I do get myself into the bullhorns when climbing at times, so need some variable position options. would prefer to wear tri shorts during the bike leg. one less thing to deal with.

  4. I am in same position. Randee looks like a soft saddle with more perineum clearance. 55 is firmer, but with less clearance. In theory, i would like Randee with firm padding (and less padding).
    Really difficult!

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