6-22-2014 WiR

We have a busy WiR for you this week. At the Tour de Suisse we once again saw race footage via action cams mounted to the leadout bikes. This week we also spent some time with TriggerPoint’s new GridX. But first, we wanted to share an article Cervelo posted not too long ago. Quite often when we examine data provided by manufacturers it was taken at 50kph. So the natural reaction is that even though there may be significant performance gains, they are not going to benefit the average age grouper. Cervelo examined the benefits between a pro and an average age grouper. Make sure to take a look – http://www.cervelo.com/en/engineering/thinking-and-processes/slow-vs-fast-riders.html.


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Tour de Suisse Footage

We recently shared footage from the Amgen Tour of California (here). This week InCycle released footage from the stage 5 sprint at the Tour de Suisse. Even if you know how the stage ends, the video is still well worth watching!

TriggerPoint GridX

In June we had the chance to review the Trigger Point Grid Mini. The Grid Mini was great for taking on the road, but a full-size roller was still best for at-home use. Trigger Point already had its fantastic Grid foam roller to fill that need, but for those with the deepest aches and pains, may we introduce the Grid X – Trigger Point’s firmest foam roller.

The Grid X is exactly what you would expect, an extremely firm roller with multiple massage options. We were able to compare the Grid Mini back-to-back with the Grid X, and the Grid X is every bit as firm as promised. Those needing a truly firm roller are going to find a friend in the Grid X.

This Week’s Posts

Tuesday – Stages Power Meter – Final Thoughts

Friday – Garmin Virb – First Ride, AeroMail – Giro Air Attack Time Savings

Mail Room

We are quite the fans of 110%. So when we heard they were working on a new compression shirt, we were incredibly excited. The Katalyst is quite a departure from 110%’s ICE technology but still provides every bit of the high-quality compression we’ve come to know and love. While we just received the Katalyst a few days ago, we plan on having it on the road by mid-week – stay tuned for updates!

Current Reviews

  1. Zipp Vuka Stealth – We had another exciting week with the Stealth. The Vuka Fit got us dialed in and we have been putting some good miles on the bar. We should be ready to share our first thoughts in just a few weeks.
  2. Scott Tri Carbon Shoe – Riding with the Scott’s has been a great experience so far. Up next is to see how quickly we can get them on and off. After all, if you cannot transition quickly, the time gained on the bike is for naught.
  3. LiteSpeed C1 – We had another great week with the C1. Aero road bikes are always going to be a compromise between aero and agility. With just a few good rides under our belt, we can see that while this may be a fast bike, LiteSpeed gave up almost no maneuverability. This is one fun bike to ride.
  4. Sport RX Prescription Glasses – We love riding with our Sport RX glasses. All the abilities of our Oakley Racing Jackets with the benefit of being able to ride without wearing our contacts.
  5. Ogio Endurance 9.0 – Every triathlete needs a good transition bag – and the Ogio 9.0 is already one of our favorites. Plenty of room to store almost anything we need in a package that is easy to throw on your back for a quick ride right to transition.


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