5-4-2014 WiR

Life’s getting back to normal here at AeroGeeks HQ. While it may be early, the team has finished off the majority of our spring races. Nothing major planned until the fall though I suspect we may throw in a few summer races. If you are racing in South Florida let us know!

The good news for our readers is that with the early races over, we can get back to concentrate on our reviews. We shared four articles this past week. One of our favorites is the Reynolds Cryo Blue Power pads. Brake pads rarely feel an athlete’s love (up until they don’t stop you in time). These pads break that mold.

We also got the chance to answer one of our readers’ questions about the Profile Design J4 brackets. Remember to send us any questions you have and if we can’t answer it for you, we know the people that can.

For those visiting for the first time—welcome! One of our favorite ways to showcase our readers is our Readers’ Rides album on Facebook. You can check it out at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

Reader’s Ride

Brian’s bike may be cheating since he is showcasing an A2\Z4+ that he won as part of our 500,000 views contest. However that doesn’t make his bike any less sweet! Brian’s Boardman AiRTT/9.8 is equipped with a SRAM RED groupset and Quarq power meter. Up front he’s riding a Profile Design Aeria T2 and sitting on an ISM Adamo Time Trial. Underneath he has a set of ENVE SES 8.9 Clinchers. Quite a sweet ride indeed!


The Falco V:

You may remember the Falco V from our coverage of the 2013 Interbike Show. If not the Falco V (along with the DiMond) are helping bring back the beam bike (our coverage here.)


Since the Falco’2 2013 launch they have received quite a number of comments regarding their exposed brake cable (something other manufacturers also hear when they go with a similar design). The good news is that Falco heard the commentary and made some changes. The new design routes the cable through the nose cone of the fork. The savings is just one watt, but to those seeking to podium, that one watt is never going to hurt.

Falco has also started shipping bikes to consumers, and Falco sent us a few shots of their owners bikes and these are definitely some rides we would love to feature!

This Week’s Posts:

Tuesday – Reynolds Cryo Blue Power Pads – Review

Wednesday – AeroMail – Pedestalling Profile Design J4 Brackets, Oakley RadarLock XL – First Ride

Thursday – SportCrafters Omnium – Review

Mail Room

The mail room gets boxes of all sizes, but we have to admit that we love when a bike box comes through our doors. This week a 2014 LiteSpeed C1 Race showed up. Matte white with 11 speed Ultegra and a set of Reynolds SLG Strikes. The LiteSpeed was certainly the biggest package this week but not the only one. Blue Seventy sent us a pair of their TX3000 tri suits. Anyone looking for a wardrobe upgrade stay tuned for our thoughts. Sorry no pictures this week but stay tuned next to see all everything!

Current Reviews

  1. Nathan Sports AP Pro – The surest way to know how we feel about a product is to know whether we race it. The AP Pro found its way on Tracy’s bike to a new bike PR for her. A validation of a product if we ever saw one. As you probably suspect, the A2 mount from SpeedFil secured her computer to the AP Pro.
  2. SportRx Racing Jacket – Stay tuned for our First Ride this week!
  3. Reynolds Strike SLGs – So it turns out the SLGs suffered a bit more damage than we first realized from our crash two weeks ago. A new set is already in the mail to us so hopefully we will have them back on the street in no time. This was a great lesson for us on both crash replacement programs and Reynold’s RAP program.
  4. Reynolds Cryo Blue Power Pads – We shared our thoughts this past week but didn’t get a chance to mention how they kept Tracy off the pavement last Sunday. A rookie age grouper cut Tracy off during a pass and if it hadn’t been for the Power Pads Tracy would have spent some time on the pavement. A definite upgrade for anyone currently on a set of Reynolds Cryo Blues.
  5. Profile Design M:2 Wetsuit – We haven’t mentioned the M:2 often, but during the spring, Tracy was spending time in one both in the pool and the open water. Stay tuned this week for her thoughts.


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