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In our review of the Profile Design T3 Plus Carbon clip ons we made mention of the 80mm of stack adjustment available. However we didn’t go in depth into how to get there. Turns out that may have been useful information for at least one reader. Rob reached out to us and asked how exactly you can pedestal the J4 brackets.

Hi Mike,

Based on your helpful review I just bought the T3+ carbon. A big selling feature for me was that the “J4 allows up to 80mm of stack adjustment that raises not just the pads, but the entire assembly”. I have the brackets in my hand and they look identical to your photos, but I can’t figure out how to make this vertical “stack adjustment”. The installation instructions don’t mention it, and my vendor (Art’s Cyclery, St. Luis Obispo, California) doesn’t think this product has it. Can you shed any light on how one would make this adjustment?



Well Rob, we got a little nervous when we read your question. Did we lead you astray? Had we made a mistake? We went back over our notes and found not only where Profile Design had mentioned the 80mm of risers –

J4 Riser Kit

But also Profile Design’s Aerobar Bracket Riser kit – is available on their website. However, we didn’t want to risk leaving any other open ended questions so we reached out to Larissa Lewis at Profile Design to find out exactly how athletes can pedestal the J4 brackets. This is what she had to say:

Hi Mike,

60mm is stock. The other 20mm to get to 80mm would need a shop special order (or they can contact us) for the below parts:

10mm spacer(Small Parts Item# 293115) x 4

35mm bolt (Small Parts Item# 313530) x4

As part of our 2015 line, we’re actually changing how the riser kits come, so it will be far easier to buy the correct bolt combinations for up to any height.


Rob, hopefully this helps. If not, let us know and we can see what else we can do to help you get that perfect fit!

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