Stages Cycling – Partnership with Team Sky

There is little doubt that when it comes to the professional peloton – Team Sky is one of the most data oriented teams out there. Which is why we were so impressed when we heard that they have decided to go with Stages Cycling as their official supplier of power meters this season. As most of our readers know, Stages has made huge steps in bringing power data to the masses with their products. But being picked up by Sky is a huge show of confidence for the brand.

SkyBike2 (1)

Sky cited Stages consistent measure of rider power as a key attribute in their choice. Another was weight – the Stages solution only adds 20 grams to the existing Dura-Ace crank set. We see this also being a boon for the mechanics as swapping out a non-drive side crank arm is an easier proposition than swapping out a hub or crankset based solution.


While we cannot say if there were any external reasons for this choice (money, sponsors, etc…) we do believe that this move shows two interesting implications. First is that Sky absolutely believes that Stages products are reliable enough for the world tour. And second that Sky does not believe left \ right data is absolutely critical to their training programs.


Whatever Skys specific reasons were, at the end of the day we feel comfortable saying that if it is good enough for Froome and Wiggins – it is more than good enough for us. And best of all we just happen to have a Stages Cycling Ultegra power meter attached to one of our test bikes. Stay tuned for our thoughts on it as well as how it compares to other products out there.

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