Inviscid Design Speedfil Z4 Cage – First Look

Inviscid Design has been teasing us for a while now, telling us that a new product—the Z4—was on the way that would change how we create our BTA setups. Most of us here at AG headquarters were assuming that this would be some type of new BTA mount integrating a computer, but we really weren’t sure. One thing we did know was that whatever the Z4 was, the A2 (check out our in-depth review here) was going to be a big part of it. Well today marks the big reveal. And while we were right about it being a new type of BTA mount, I don’t think we were fully prepared to find out that the Z4 was at its core, a cage.



This isn’t just any cage, however. The Z4 is quite impressive. It’s designed from the outset to be used in a BTA setup. It has the standard cage mounts that would allow it to be used in conjunction with an existing mount such as the XLAB Torpedo and can be used with frame and rear saddle mounts. However, it also includes built-in slots for zip ties. How many times have you heard a fellow athlete tell you to just zip tie a cage to the frame.  Well, now we have a product built with just that in mind.


The top of the Z4 integrates a detachable arm designed to work in conjunction with a standard Garmin quarter-turn mount. Because the quarter mount drops right in, the Z4 can support the 500, 510, 800, and 810 configurations as well as the 910 (something other mounts have not supported).


Garmin Adapter & Tube Clip

Alongside the Z4, Inviscid is also releasing the A2 Garmin Adapter and Tube Clip. This is comprised of a non-slip strap that can be used to mount a computer to the top of an A2 regardless of the mount you choose to use. Attached to the strap is a small tube clip that can be used to keep the straw of the A2 out of the wind. Take a look at the AeroGeeks image at the top of our site to see the how the straw can just hang in the breeze without a clip.



Inviscid is offering two levels of the Z4. The standard Z4 includes the cage, Garmin mount, and cable ties for $39.95. For $10 more you can get the Z4+, which adds the non-slip strap and tube clip to the standard Z4. For those just looking to mount a Garmin to their A2, you can purchase the Garmin Adapter & Tube Clip for $19.95. Look for availability of all three in the late July / early August timeframe.


Final Thoughts

The Z4 is a well-thought out product that has been a long time coming from Inviscid. Designing the Z4 from the outset to use zip ties shows that Inviscid truly understands their target market and the mindset of most triathletes. Designing a cage with a built in Garmin mount also shows that this is a product designed to be used by athletes—not just to be perfectly aero in the tunnel. Most of all, Invisid has created a product that the AeroGeeks is truly looking forward to using, which is about the best compliment we can give.

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