Updated Trek Madone

Since the introduction of the new Madone in 2011, Trek has had a world-beater of an aero road bike that many, many riders attach a set of clip-on aerobars to and are placing competitively, both in age-group and overall, at triathlons across the world. Now, that bike has gotten just a little bit better.


For the Tour de France, Trek has released an update to the Madone, along with a signature color option for Project One, Leopard Blue. Yes, the same electric, in-your-face blue The Madone frameset tips now the scales at a scant 725g, 25g lighter than the previous year, which has been achieved by strategically altering the carbon layup. Additionally, during that same layup alteration, Trek has beefed up the chainstays around the rear brake to reduce flex under heavy braking, something everyone can get behind.


These are incremental changes, to be sure, but they add up to a Madone that is undeniably better than the predecessor. Trek already had sliced bread, this year, they just made it artisanal. And if you’re in the market for a new bike, the Madone 7 is worth a serious look.

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