Zipp Quickview TT Computer Mount – First Look

I think it is fair to say that we rarely if ever hear the words “affordable” and “Zipp” in the same sentence. The fact is that Zipp puts a large amount of time and research into their work in an attempt to create the fastest products on the planet. These products rarely come cheap, but you ride with the assurances that you cannot find much that will get you where you are going faster. But today we get to use those two words together when we show you the new, extremely affordable Zipp Quickview TT Computer Mount.

Computer MountZip QVTT

Coming in at $20, the Zipp undercuts many of the available computer mounts currently on the market, and is intended specifically for TT bikes while most to date have been built for their road bike brethren. Like us, Zipp recognizes that mounting a computer is one of those decisions that seems utterly simple, yet always takes too much time. Things get more complicated if you choose to go with a BTA bottle setup (as we highly recommend). The TT mount is intended to install either immediately infront of your stem or farther out front to accommodate a BTA bottle. The TT mount is a standard ¼ turn mount (works with the Edge 500, 510, 800, 810), is secured to your bars via a single Torx T25 bolt and weighs in at 18g.


We love to see companies identify the actual issues athletes have and then create attractive and affordable solutions for them. Yes a computer mount is not that exciting, but that didn’t stop Zipp from going and creating one that meets our needs without breaking the bank, and that we are truly a fan of.



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    • Based on the material Zipp sent us along with our own observations we do not believe it is. However we have reached out to Zipp to confirm that.

    • Sorry about the delay but we have our answer. According to Zipp the following head units are compatible with the Quickview TT – Garmin 200, 500, 510, 800, 810. when used with SRAM QV adaptor – Garmin 605 and 705. So unfortunately that does leave out the 910.

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