Healthy Surprise – Subscription Sampler

Continuing with our look at subscription boxed programs, this week we’re reviewing Healthy Surprise—a company that sends boxes of vegan, gluten-free, natural, and soy-free goodies to your door each month.

According to the company’s website, Healthy Surprise’s “snackologists” (this may just be the best job title ever!) work hard to put together a variety of healthy snacks to form the perfect snack box. In order to fill their boxes with new snacks each month, Healthy Surprise partners with healthy snack companies from around the country.

Admittedly I was especially excited for this box of goodness since I follow a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. And upon receiving our starter box, I was definitely not disappointed with its contents.  Everything inside the box was truly just as allergy-free and natural as the company claimed. Score!


How It Works

Healthy Surprise offers varying subscription levels depending on box size. The box that AG received was the “Starter Box,” which serves 1 to 2 people. You can purchase the Starter Box for $33 per month (plus shipping). The company also offers the “Healthy Box” for 1-4 people at $66 per month and the “Large Box” for 2 – 6 people at $99 per month. When you purchase the larger sized boxes you also receive free shipping within the U.S.

Like other subscription boxed programs, you can easily sign up online and choose your shipping destination. Healthy Surprise will deliver outside of the U.S., but additional shipping charges will apply.

What You Can Expect in a Box

Like I mentioned above, we were thoroughly impressed by the quality and quantity of snacks contained inside the box. In total, our box contained 12 separate pieces—and they were all full-sized products. According to Healthy Surprise, you can expect to get products made with fruits (dried, dehydrated, freeze dried, and “fruit leathers”), nuts (clusters, trail mixes), bars, crackers, chocolates (raw, cacoa nibs, etc.), kale chips, and other new innovative products.

Our box contained the following products:

  • Hail Merry Macaroons
  • Hail Merry Grawnola
  • Sea Sprinkles
  • Barefruit cinnamon apple chips
  • GoPal’s Healthfoods raw brownie
  • GoPal’s Healthfoods Sprouties savory pumpkin seeds
  • Health Warrior Chia Bar
  • Beanitos black bean chips
  • Righteously Raw Pure Dark Chocolate (two pieces)
  • Sacred Chocolate

As a side note, I was pleased to see that many of the snacks—like the chia bar and Grawnola—were the perfect size for stashing in a jersey pocket to take along on the bike.

In addition to the snacks, a little booklet including two healthy do-it-yourself recipes was also tucked inside of our box. One of those recipes was for cake batter “ice cream,”—yes, that’s right, we said cake batter (using coconut meat, dates, and other raw foods in place of dairy). Yum!


Did it taste good?

So far I’ve enjoyed the cinnamon apple chips and the caveman crunch, and I can honestly say both were awesome! I’m looking forward to working my way through the rest of the box soon—especially to try the raw brownie and dairy-free, raw chocolates. Pre-packed items like these can be pretty hard to find in your typical grocery store.

While I’m absolutely stoked about the contents of our box, Healthy Surprise does offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t fully pleased with the snacks you receive. According to the website, you can contact the company for a refund if you’ve had a problem or are upset about something with your subscription. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

AG’s Final Thoughts

We calculated the cost of each item found in the box, which came to a total of about $40. And since our box would cost $33, we felt like this was a good value. In addition to the cost savings, I would also venture to say that the mere convenience (and fun!) of Healthy Surprise makes this service worth it. Like most of our readers, we’re constantly on the go. So having healthy snacks at hand to throw in to our bag is definitely important. Additionally, when you’re trying to stick to a natural diet, it can be downright frustrating to hunt down quality, pre-packaged snacks (that actually taste good). We love that Healthy Surprise puts the fun back into clean eating. So if you can budget the monthly subscription fee, we’d highly recommend giving Healthy Surprise a try.



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