Aqua Sphere Kayenne

Ever since purchasing my first pair of goggles I’ve found that, at least in my case, they’re a very personal choice. And with so many choices out there, I kept going back to the same pair time after time just for simplicity sake. Originally I swam with a pair of Speedo Women’s Vanquisher Goggles. And while they got the job done, they really never fit quite right (I have a very narrow facial structure, which I suspect could have been the source of the problem).

It wasn’t until last year when the Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles ( were recommended to me that I seriously considered switching, and I’m very glad I did. For me, these goggles have been a huge improvement over the Speedo brand for several reasons.

First, they’re amazingly comfortable. Aqua Sphere uses a soft gasket that molds well to your eye sockets. And unlike other goggles I’ve tried, the Aqua Spheres do not have to be super tight in order to create—and hold—a water-tight seal (no more bright red goggle marks when I head to the office after my morning swim).

Second, they’re very easy to adjust on the fly. Aqua Sphere uses a one-touch “Quick-Fit Buckle” that allows for fast and exact adjustments even while wearing them. Aqua Sphere’s wide silicone straps are also very durable. I’ve seen other goggle straps snap, but I’ve had the same pair of Kayennes for about a year now and the straps are still as good as new.

Third, I was amazed to find that there were no blind spots with these goggles (seriously). According to Aqua Sphere, their oversized, durable lens allows for 4-point expanded, 180-degree visibility. And while I know this sounds a little exaggerated, it’s honestly like you aren’t even wearing goggles at all. The lenses have also remained very clear and have been—for the most part—fog free. I will say that they will fog slightly when I’ve swam in colder water, but it’s been nothing serious enough to really obstruct my vision.

The Keyenne Ladies goggles come in a clear or blue lens. I went with the clear lens, which does offer 100% UV protection. But you might want to go with the blue lens if you’re used to a darker tint. The Keyenne Regular Fit does come in a smoked lens version as well.

One word of caution: while we’ve been used to using anti-fog solution or even our own spit in a pinch, these goggles specifically state that you should not use anything on the lenses other than water. And trust me, you really shouldn’t. Mike made this mistake with his first pair of Aqua Spheres last year. The lenses will definitely scratch/appear permanently foggy if you use anything on them—including spit.

Overall, the Aqua Sphere Keyenne is a great goggle, and the fact that they make a nice model that’s specifically designed to fit a woman’s face is an added bonus. And for the price of about $25 (what I paid at the time), I found it these to be a great gear investment.


Aqua Sphere

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