How much abuse can a frame take

When I got my first carbon bike I was paranoid with protecting it and took every opportunity to baby it.  I was paranoid that one wrong move and the frame would shatter.  As I grew to trust carbon I eventually stopped being quite so over protective.  However even as I have become more confident in the abilities of carbon I wasn’t quite prepared to see just how strong the frames are and how much abuse they can take.  Bike Rumor just posted a video of  the guys over at Art’s Cyclery crushing a BMC TM02 in a trash compactor.  It’s unbelievable how good of shape the frame is still in at the end (minus the top tube).

Of course the best video of the survivability of these frames is of Martyn Ashton taking a Team Sky Dogma and doing all sorts of unmentionable things to it.

On top of this it is easy to forget that the Pro Level MTB frames are all carbon and survive multiple seasons.  Moral of the story is; Carbon can take a beating.

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