Smith Ignite MIPS – First Look

As much as we try to keep you up to date with the latest cycling and triathlon gear – sometimes a new release rides right by us. But sooner or later we get a chance to catch up and make it right. Back in September Smith launched an update to their road line including their first true aero road helmet. Meet the Ignite – Smith’s answer to the question of how do you go faster while still staying cool.

The Smith Ignite MIPS

The Ignite takes the construction of the Overtake and wraps it in a much faster package. And by fast (according to Smith) we mean really fast. Faster than even their own dedicated aero helmet – the Podium TT.

Unfortunately we do not know the specific tunnel criteria Smith used for the test and what their calculation for win averaged drag was. But anytime a company tells us their road helmet can beat their aero helmet we have to take notice. We also cannot help but notice the Ignite would beat the Overtake by over 2 minutes at IM distance (at a speedy 27 mph at least).

Smith’s built the Ignite with many of the same technologies found in the Overtake including AEROCORE construction. Their philosophy behind AEROCORE construction is to increase airflow and improve temperature regulation, resulting in fog-free vision and improved impact resistance. This objective was achieved through the combination of materials such as EPS and Koroyd (the green honeycomb-like material around our helmet above), a material that absorbs more energy upon impact (compared to international standards), while also increasing airflow. Koroyd is an energy absorber by nature, which is fully breathable and doesn’t compromise impact performance. Koroyd’s open cell construction allows cool air in, while expelling hot air from the rider’s head. The completely open cell construction integrates with internal channels to create the full AEROCORE construction, providing ventilated protection.

To help keep you cool the Ignite features 8 vents and their AirEvac ventilation system. And like all Smith helmets – eyewear integration is built right in.

The Ignite will retail for $250 at launch in February 2019. And will be available in 5 colorways.

Our Thoughts

Seeing is believing. And if Smith’s aero data backs up in independent tests this is one fast helmet. If we could ditch a full aero helmet on the Queen K for something a tad more cool with no speed loss – we wouldn’t hesitate. But to do that requires both an independent aero test as well as some saddle time in one to see how the ventilation stacks up. And the good news is our review helmet is already at AeroGeeks HQ! Stay tuned for our full review of the Ignite in a month or so as we put it through it’s paces. And keep an eye on as we have plenty of reviews to share with you over the next few weeks.

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