9-4-2017 WiR

It’s Labor Day here in the states, which is why this week’s WiR is coming a day late (or at least that is the excuse we are using!). This past week was EuroBike, and a whole lot of new gear was announced. We shared a bit with you last week and we have more coming this week. So far, our favorite has to be the new Wahoo KICKR CLIMB. It may be neither aero or even made to go out doors for that matter, but we think it looks like a heck of a lot of fun! This week we have a couple more announcements we want to make sure you caught, as well as some new reviews heading your way!

As always, thanks for reading AeroGeeks. And if you want to see us check out something and we haven’t yet, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

This Week

Monday – Stages Cycling Stages Power LR Meter – First Look, Giro Sport Design Vanquish MIPS – First Look

Tuesday – Shimano PRO Tri-Spoke Clincher – First Look

Wednesday – Wahoo KICKR CLIMB – First Look

The AG Mailroom

A few months ago, we switched up how we do the mailroom. Instead of posting about what showed up in the WiR, we post about it as soon as it comes in on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure you’re following to catch the latest!

XLAB Aero TT in Black

XLAB sent us the Aero TT in their newly released black color a few weeks ago. We reviewed the Aero TT previously and said:

The Aero TT is a product that accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. It allows a rider to carry liquids on the frame with little to no effect on aerodynamics. While it has some issues with ease of use, we found it to be a perfect aero BTA refill option. We would necessarily recommend the Aero TT to every rider. But if you’re looking to carry an extra 20 ounces of liquid without all the usual downsides, this is the bottle for you.

The new black color changes nothing when it comes to performance but gives you a new way to color match your bike (which as you all know, removes 20g of drag). We mounted it to our Canyon Speedmax 9.0 CF, and it definitely looks fantastic. If you are looking for a hydration option to continue that stealth look, make sure to check out the newly black Aero TT.

Look KEO Blade Carbon

This week Look announced a redesign of the Keo Blade 2 – including a new name – the Keo Blade Carbon. The updated pedal is extremely light, a mere 95g in the titanium version, and aerodynamic thanks to the integration of the Carbon Blade. The Keo Blade Carbon benefits from an optimized spindle and an ultra-powerful 700 mm² of platform surface, creating unparalleled power transfer in the road pedal market.

The spindle of the new Blade Carbon has been completely redesigned. It is built around an oversized axle and spindle that pass through internal roller and needle bearings located directly under the pedal platform. This provides exceptional fluidity and optimal weight distribution during effort. The distance between the roller and needle bearings has been increased by 25%. This provides even more

rigidity to the entire length of the spindle, and as a consequence, improved power transmission. Special attention has also been given to ensure that it is water resistant. Weather resistance has been improved by 120% for even more reliability and longevity. To accomplish this, the new spindle received an updated endplug with an o-ring washer and has also been equipped with an internal, double-lipped seal.

Santini Redux Speedsuit

Santini also unveiled their new Redux Speedsuit, designed specifically for time trialing. Extremely, light, aerodynamic and, of course, breathable, the Redux skinsuit is made from a combination of high-performance technical fabrics that ensure it feels just like a second skin. It is also held in place by an elastic gripper with inside microdots at the leg end.

The wind tunnel-tested Redux speed suit was specifically designed to cut drag to a minimum. The top is made from Prey, an ultralight, extremely aerodynamic and UV-resistant (UPF 50+) fabric, with inserts in Flow, which have a denser texture and reduce air flow through them. The suit also features heat-sealed sleeve cuffs and three invisible laser-cut pockets that meld seamlessly with the fabric.

The C3 is one of the most innovative chamois on the market. Made using Santini’s special Carving Technology with no stitching or adhesives used, it offers superb shock protection and is extremely breathable. The lower part of the suit is made from Fitter, a fabric that reduces muscle stress by exerting a gentle compression.

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