Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes – Review

It happens at the most inopportune moments—a nagging pain that sends a cascade of dread and anxiety through your mind. And while we know we should take care of it, we stupidly push through it, thinking it’s just a strained muscle. It will be fine. Until it’s not.

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve probably learned the hard lesson of just how important it is to make recovery and maintenance a priority. But of course, we’re all crunched for time, so having the right tools and guidance can help make your recovery sessions as valuable as possible. That’s where Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes comes in.

We first heard about Hit Reset as our Multisport Editor was recovering from a hip injury, which made for perfect timing. She was already incorporating yoga into her rehab routine, so she was happy to have an additional resource to help guide her through moves that could help loosen up her hips and lower back.

Hit Reset was written with athletes in mind, so this is way different than other yoga books out there. The routines you’ll find inside were designed by yoga coach Erin Taylor to help athletes find more speed, power, and endurance. Erin may sound familiar to some—she’s the founder of Jasyoga, a revolutionary approach to yoga for athletes. Erin is all too familiar with injuries. She was benched during the NCAA basketball season due to an overtaining injury, and yoga was a key factor in helping her heal and find balance as an athlete. Her approach is especially unique because it draws from functional anatomy as well as physical therapy. Erin knows her stuff—she’s worked with many professional athletes, including runner Lauren Fleshman and triathlete Linsey Corbin.

Hit Reset defines 10 common problem areas that hold athletes back, recommending specific yoga solutions that can fix them. Each chapter shows you how your body should be working, and then it shows you how to test yourself to determine if there are any imbalances or warning signs that you should address. The book was super-easy to understand and broke down each pose into easily understood steps. In other words, you don’t have to be a contortionist to get into these poses. You also just need about five minutes per area of the body. Yep, that’s it—really. We all can find five minutes.

We started using Hit Reset’s section focusing on mobilizing and stabilizing your hips. As we progressed, we also focused a lot on the sections for strengthening your core, unstiffening your hamstrings, and waking up your butt. We would typically incorporate several of the poses in Hit Reset into our warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as before bed just for preventative maintenance.

After a few weeks, the differences were definitely noticeable. Things just felt better. There was less stiffness and soreness on the days when we followed up a training session with a few of the routines in the book. We even started to look forward to our Hit Reset sessions after a hard day. It had become part of our routine, which is what effective recovery is all about.

Before you get into a situation where poor recovery leads to injury, we’d highly recommend giving Hit Reset a try. You can pick up your copy from VeloPress for $21.95.

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