Moji Curve PRO – Review

We’re pretty attached to our foam rollers, but they definitely aren’t the easiest things to travel with. So we’re always happy to try more portable recovery tools like the Moji Curve Pro.

This compact massager features four large stainless steel rotating spheres embedded in an easy-to-grip stick. The Moji Curve PRO is about a foot-and-a-half in length, which is the perfect size for targeting larger muscle groups like hamstrings, calves, quads, and hips. There’s a bonus here too – throw it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and you can treat yourself to an ice massage. This was a great feature for areas that were especially tender.

We loved using the Moji Curve PRO for our quads and calves. It provided the right amount of pressure and was very easy to grip and position in the right places. The rotating spheres were perfect for relieving tightness and pain. We tried using the Moji for working on our IT band, but we still preferred our foam rollers for that area. And that could just be a personal preference when it comes to pressure.

And as we mentioned earlier, the Moji was super-easy to take with us when traveling. So it’s become a staple in our gym bags and luggage. We did notice that, because of the stainless-steel spheres, it is a bit heavier than other stick massagers (the Moji Curve PRO weighs in at just about 1.75 lbs). But when we’re already traveling with bikes, shoes, helmets, and who knows what else, another pound didn’t bother us.

At $49.99, the Moji is pretty comparable to other hand-held/stick massagers you’ll find out there (many range from $55 to $40). Plus, we liked that the Moji is freezable. Ready to give it a try for yourself? You can pick up yours on the Moji website.

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