11-18-2016 WiR – We Are Back

Curious where we have been the past few weeks? Unfortunately, while we wish we could tell you that we had been traveling across the world testing the latest bikes, equipment, and gear, the reality is that we have actually been avoiding AeroGeeks HQ because it has been a full-time construction zone due to BOTH a water heater and air conditioning leak.  Anyone in the South will tell you where there is water, there is mold. So coming in to test gear and write reviews was not in the cards. The good news is that while construction is still ongoing, we are allowed back in and have gotten back to reviewing and writing!

Stay tuned this week for our holiday shopping guide – just in time for Black Friday. And we have a whole host of reviews on deck that we can finally put together and share with you in the coming weeks.

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The Jersey Pumpkin Waffles from Trek

Looking to kick up your Thanksgiving Day ride? Check out these Jersey Pumpkin Waffles from Trek’s in-house chef.

We haven’t had a chance try them out yet, but they look awesome.

Lots of News from CeramicSpeed

At the end of October, CeramicSpeed let us know that they had partnered with MORE Than Sport to create a custom OPWS derailleur. For every limited edition blue OSPW System purchased from the CeramicSpeed Web shop, 40% of the product price is donated to MORE Than Sport. The purpose for this project is meant to support families in need through one of the projects initiated by MORE Than Sport.


MORE Than Sport was developed in 2010 by Professional Triathlete Chris Lieto. Since then, it has grown into a global movement of athletes who believe in competing for MORE than just a win. The MORE Than Sport mission is to transform lives around the world through amazing products, service trips, and fundraising

opportunities to provide clean water, food, medical care, education, and housing for those in need. Through direct donations, corporate partners, event support, and the MTS marketplace, MORE Than Sport has supplied over 39,000 meals to those facing hunger, provided over 292,000 nights of shelter, supported 500 students in receiving educational resources, and ensured over 30,000 individuals will receive clean water for life.

In addition, this week we found out that CeramicSpeed has acquired U.S.-based test lab Friction Facts, expanding the company’s in-house R&D team and test lab. Ceramic has also appointed Friction Facts founder, Jason Smith, as Chief Technology Officer.

“By bringing Friction Facts into the team, CeramicSpeed expands its very own in-house development and test lab, which comes as a natural fit with our goals and mission. This acquisition not only strengthens our commitment to providing the world’s fastest bearings, chains, and drivetrain components but also supports our efforts to continuously refine high-quality products driven by data, innovation and expertise. The lab will dramatically streamline our development cycle by allowing us to test the efficiency of prototypes immediately after they are pulled from the 3D printers,” states Martin Banke, Managing Director of CeramicSpeed.

Duo Mount by Cycliq

We have been testing Cycliq’s Fly 12 for a while now, and while doing so have had the chance to test out a number of different mounting options with varying degrees of success. Well, it seems the team from down under wasn’t happy with “varying degrees of success” and wanted to create an option of their own.

The mount can support devices from Garmin (including the Garmin 1000), Wahoo, Polar, Cateye, and Mio/Magellan. Plus, underneath is the ubiquitous GoPro mount.


While there is just over a week to go, the mount is already fully funded. But you can still get in on Kickstarter pricing.

CRIO Kickstarter Launch

Cycliq hasn’t been the only Kickstarter we have been keeping an eye on. We checked out the CRIO back in July and were excited about the prospects of a bottle that could keep our hydration even cooler. At the time, CRIO wasn’t quite sure when they would be able to launch, but it seems the answer is now.

Like the Duo Mount, the CRIO is already funded, but Kickstarter pricing is still available. Head on over to check it out.

Current Reviews

FSE Wheels

While we haven’t been able to work in the office, we did get a chance to grab a post-Interbike box from FSE. Utilizing Filament Spun Carbon, these wheels are engineered to be lighter, stiffer, and stronger than carbon wheels built using traditional methods. So far, we are finding that, even at 79mm deep, they spin up quickly and are a blast to sprint on. We are definitely looking forward to spending more time on them.


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