Interbike 2016 – Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports is a company that while we were not all that familiar with before Interbike, we are very much looking forward to getting familiar with. The name “Feedback Sports” actually comes from an engineer’s use of feedback loops and cycles to improve and stabilize systems. And after seeing a few of their products at Interbike, we can see why they chose this name.

Omnium Portable Trainer

We actually were a bit confused when we saw the Omnium in Feedback’s booth because we knew for sure we had tested this product back in 2014, but it looked a bit different and went under the SportCrafters brand. Turns out there was good reason for our confusion – Feedback Sports had actually bought the design from SportCrafters, and then they went on to improve it.


Gone are the screw-on legs and multi-piece design. Instead, Feedback Sports has made the entire product a fold-out affair that makes the Omnium that much easier to use on race day. When folded, the Omnium will fit in an overhead compartment. The Omnium is also now lighter and accepts standard quick release, 12×100, 15×100, & 15×110 (boost) thru axles.


The Feedback Sports Omnium retails for $430 and now includes the travel bag that had been an additional purchase before. Oh, and if you are looking for an athlete’s seal of approval, Feedback Sports tells us they spotted Gwen Jorgensen warming up on one in Rio.

Sprint Work Stand

For those who work on their bike and cannot clamp the seat post and will not clamp the top tube, sprint stands (aka Euro Style stands) are a must. Feedback Sports was showing off their $269.99 Sprint Work Stand at Interbike, and we definitely wanted to take one home with us for review.


The Sprint Work stand is compatible with quick release/15mm forks and quick release/12mm Rear Dropouts (additional adapters available for additional sizes). The bottom bracket pad can be moved fore and aft to fit your different bikes needs. Also, the entire stand itself can spin 360 degrees to allow you to get to any point on the bike without moving your seat.


Ride Prep: Tool Kit

Their new Tool Kits line was probably Feedback Sports most hyped product line at the show. The line consists of the Team Edition: Tool Kit, Ride Prep: Tool Kit, and T-Handle: Tool Kit. And while these products may be new to Feedback Sports, that doesn’t mean this is a first-generation product. Feedback Sports started out by purchasing just about every tool they could find on the market. Then, after some serious time with the tools, they decided they were ready to take them to the next step.


The Ride Prep: Tool Kit has “professional grade durability” (a claim we plan to test), and the tools feature an overmolded file tread grip for comfort and style. The kit itself includes 12 tools:

  • Fixed 3-way TORX T25/27/30
  • Fixed 3-way Hex 2/2.5/3mm
  • Fixed 3-way Hex 4/5/6mm
  • L-Hex 8mm
  • #0 Phillips
  • Schrader core tool
  • Presta core tool
  • Valve extender wrench
  • Spoke wrench
  • Chain pin press
  • Rotor truing tool
  • Crank arm cap tool
  • Steel core tire levers
  • Brake pad spreader
  • 15mm pedal wrench
  • 15mm axle nut wrench

The Ride Prep: Tool Kit retails for $129.99 (the afore mentioned Team Edition: Tool Kit with 19 tools goes for $249.99, while the T-Handle Tool Kit is $129.99).

Bike Stands

Feedback Sports also had their full line of bicycle storage solutions on display. And while they have 20 different options, three specifically caught our eye. First up was the Velo Column that can hold two bikes in it’s spring-loaded column. Arm positions are independently adjustable for angled top tubes, and the Velo Column is length adjustable from 7 feet (2.1m) to 10 feet (3.0m). For those whose ceiling height works with the Velo Column, they can get one for $159.99.

dsc_0363For those who have a higher ceiling, you use the Velo Cache. The stable three-leg base holds up to 80 lbs. And like the Velo Column, the cradle arms can be independently height adjusted to hold all types and sizes of bikes. The Velo Cache will set you back just an additional $10 for a total of $169.99.


And for those who just need to hold a single bike, there is the Rakk. At just $42.99, the Rakk is definetily the most cost-effective of these bike storage solutions. The wheel slot accommodates all types of bikes from 20mm road tires to 2.4″ wide MTB. And the hands-free use allows you to roll the bike into the wheel slot for storage or display. When not in use, you can fold down the rear arm and easily slip it under the couch or out of the way.

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