Interbike 2016 – Day 2 Media Night

For us, the night of Day 2 at Interbike is where the real action begins. Day 1 at OutDoor Demo is really about our mountain bike friends. But Day 2 means Media Night, which is where we get a chance to get up close and personal with 40 different companies. Best of all, it’s just media in attendance, so we have time to ask plenty of  questions and get a ton of photos. We had a chance to speak to a few companies and products we know well – GoPro, Silca, and STAC. Plus a few we suspect we will be hearing more about soon – NOW, ProShift, and the Aerobar Edge. Let us know what you want to see more of, and we will hunt them down Wednesday and Thursday on the show floor.

GoPro Hero5 and Karma

GoPro was our first stop at Media Night. Last night they launched their new Hero5, Hero5 Session, and Karma drone. And today was the first day we got a chance to check them out.

Aerobar Edge

The Aerobar Edge is a one of those products that while seems simple, will completely change how some triathletes and time trialists train. Consisting of a pressure switch and data logger, the Aerobar Edge measures how long you stay in your aerobars. Utilizing Strava synchronization (Training Peaks coming) it can tell you what the power cost was when you get out of your bars.


Campagnolo had their new 11 speed Potenza groupset out for display.


The Coros smart helmet features bone conducting speakers and a crash detection and alerting system that will call home if it thinks you hit the pavement.

Swiftwick Socks

Swiftwick was showing off their Aspire 7 Fusion Blue socks.


We first reviewed STAC’s prototype trainer back in June and were impressed. At Interbike, they brought their completed unit, featuring revised construction, power meter, and magnet covers.


Silca showed off their new saddle bag, featuring a BOA clip to cinch to your saddle.

Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports has a new all-in-one toolset for the home mechanic.


ProShift won our best product of the night with their automatic transmission for electronic groupsets. The system currently works with eTap, Di2, EPS, and Shimano handbikes. Utilizing speed, heart rate, cadence, power, and torque data, and knowing your FTP and preferred cadence, it works to keep you in your power sweet spot for the length of your ride.

FSE Wheels

FSE (Filament Spun Evolution) has a goal to change how carbon wheels are created. FSE says that, over the past 25 years, the industry has changed the shape of carbon wheels, but not the construction. Utilizing a technology called filament wound carbon, FSE wheels are built by weaving the individual carbon threads (dipped in resin) over a mandrel. FSE tells us the result is a wheel that is 40% stronger to impact and 40% laterally stiffer than the competition.
FSE is building wheels in depths of 79,69,55,45,35,25 mm in tubular, clincher, and disc. Tubeless is coming in Q1 2017. The 55 clincher weighs in a 1345 g and rings up to $1,799 for the full set. The 79 clincher weighs 1635g and comes out to $1,845 for the set. The logo is actually etched into the carbon (something they can accomplish because of their unique manufacturing process).

NOW Helmets

NOW (Nonstop on Wheels) is new to the U.S. market. So new, in fact, that while they were happy to show off their product, they also admitted they hadn’t quite figured out their U.S. distribution solution. Although, if our quick 5 minutes checking out how light these helmets were is any indication, we suspect over the next two days they are going to find a few people willing to share their products with the U.S. market.

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