Park Tool MT-20 – Review

Having the proper multi-tool on you out on the road can mean the difference between a minor pit stop and dialing a friend. Whether it’s the aerobars being a little loose, or your saddle needing a quick adjustment, a proper multi-tool will see you through. Park Tool is well versed in the every-day tools that keep your local bike shop in business, so it’s really no surprise that they know a thing or two about multi-tools. The MT-20 is their newest multi-tool that’s meant to be triathlete friendly and has an extra surprise for those really in need.

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The Park Tool MT-20

The MT-20’s outer is crafted from forged aluminum, with the tools inside made of hardened steel. It comes equipped with 3, 4, 5, and 8mm hex wrenches; a T25 Torx compatible driver (those with Zipp components will be a fan of this); and a combo cross/straight tip screwdriver.

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What really makes it special is an integrated CO2 cartridge inflator adaptor – this means no more worrying you forgot your adapter in your jersey or other saddlebag. Just remember your shiny blue MT-20, and you’re all set.

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The MT-20 weighed in at 94g and will set you back $31.95.

Our Thoughts

The MT-20 is exactly what you need in your bag. 3,4, and 5mm are most likely the hex wrenches you are going to need on the go (though a 2.5mm and even 2mm wouldn’t hurt for those tiny little brake adjustments). For those with Torx bolts on your bike, the included T25 is a very welcome ride companion. We have had the misfortune of riding with other multi-tools without the T25… let’s just say those rides typically ended sooner than we’d hoped. But with the T25 at hand, we needn’t worry.

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While the MT-20 is small, we still had enough leverage when we needed to really tighten down a saddle clamp or pesky stem bolt. At first, we were worried it wouldn’t give us the leverage we needed, but it offered more than enough grip, even for larger hands.

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Considering we have had more than one ride that required the “phone a friend” option when we forgot our inflator at home, the CO2 adapter was truly the icing on the cake. The included inflator is of the simplest variety – screw the CO2 on all the way, and then back it out until you hear the CO2 exiting the cartridge. Our one issue was that you really had to put a good amount of force into the inflator to pierce the cartridge. The first time we actually used a wrench, though after that it seemed to have no issue. We suspect the gasket inside had worked its way out a little, and by tightening it all the way down we properly reseated it. Like all CO2 adapters, it’s always best to try it at home first so you know you’re prepared when a flat strikes.

Wrapping Up

Light, not too expensive, and also includes a CO2 adapter. The MT-20 is definitely a tool a triathlete, and really any cyclist, could consider a trusty riding partner, which is all we could ever want our multi-tool to be.

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