Infinit Nutrition – Final Thoughts

We’ll admit it; it’s been a while since our first ride with Infinit Nutrition. Since then, we’ve changed our bike formula twice, spoken with Infinit’s nutritionists three times, and concocted a formula for running, too. Safe to say, we really enjoy Infinit’s system. It’s worked out well for us, but it does take some patience and self-awareness to get just right.

DSC_0028When we placed our first order of Infinit, it was a little heavy on the protein. Toward the end of a ride we noticed a feeling of “fullness” from not fully metabolizing all the protein, so we backed off a bit by half a gram of protein per bottle and the problem went away. Our second order came as summer was getting into full swing here in South Florida. We found it to be light on salt, so we upped the electrolytes a smidge (389 to about 427) and all was right with the world again. Our last change added more caffeine and a touch more flavor, mostly to wake us up on those 5am rides and keep us drinking regularly throughout. The result of all this fine-tuning is that we have a blend that is perfected just for us, by us, with the help of a nutritionist. This formulation is as close to our ideal intake as we are likely to get, and if we ever need to change it, an email to Infinit will put us in the hands of some of the most qualified people in the sport. We can live with that.


We think this is the strength of Infinit Nutrition—the ability to tweak your nutrition system until it is perfect for you. Be it gels, hydration mix, pre-workout drink, recovery nutrition, or anything in-between, the experts at Infinit will happily answer any and every question you could possibly have about fueling your body. There is also the option to order smaller batches of custom formulas to test – 12 servings instead of the normal 25 – that should give you a good idea of what a change is like in practice rather than theory. That’s 12 bottles of hydration, or about four rides, to see if a change works for you. At about $30, it’s more expensive per bottle than a full-size pouch. But when ordering the larger option you run the risk of ending up with a bag of mix that doesn’t work for you. So we think the added expense is a reasonable trade-off.


It’s worth mentioning that Devon has been on Infinit exclusively for a year, and it’s been working fantastically for him. He has a blend specific for runs, and he uses a diluted form of it for his long swim sessions. There’s a formula for Olympic races and another for longer distance in his bin, too. Infinit has allowed him to fine-tune his nutrition not just to his liking, but for specific events as well. For everyone who has wanted to change their nutrition up just a bit, or make a complete change to their entire system, Infinit can handle it. If your current system leaves something to be desired, we recommend giving them a call; we’re sure they can help.

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