Trigger Point MB1 & MB5 Massage Balls – Review

Triathletes are no strangers to chronic aches and pains, which is why products for recovery are so important to the AG team. Each of us suffers from our share of injuries throughout the season, so we always have a wide variety of recovery equipment on hand. We’re already big fans of Trigger Point’s products. In fact, our multisport editor has been known to travel with them regularly.  So she was pretty excited to receive their new MB1 and MB5 Massage Balls late last year.


First, what’s the difference between the MB1 and the MB5? In this case, size matters. At just about 2.6 inches high and weighing in at just 1.4 oz., the MB1 is intended for targeting small muscle areas found in your calves, neck, and feet. The MB5 is significantly larger, measuring in at 5 inches high and 5 oz. The MB5 is designed for deep tissues in the larger muscle groups.


As for similarities, both the MB1 and MB5 are constructed with an EVA foam surface and layered construction that grips the areas being addressed to gently release tightness and discomfort. And trust us, if you’ve ever tried to release a super-tight, irritated muscle with a golf ball, this is a far more comfortable experience. The slip-resistant texture helps ensure the ball doesn’t slip or slide while you’re using it, so you can roll on any hard surface like tile, the gym floor, pool deck—anywhere!


Our multisport editor has loved the MB1 for her feet and calves, and the MB5 has been the tool of choice for releasing tight hips and shoulders.


The MB1 is available for $14.99 and the MB5 will run you $24.99. You can pick up one of each on Trigger Point’s site. While we know the price tag is a bit more than you’d pay for your usual golf ball, we think these are well worth the investment.

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