Culprit Legend – Kickstarter Launch

At Kona, Culprit showed the world what they believe a superbike should look like – and that vision comes equipped with disc brakes. More so, the Legend is designed to be a livable superbike. While it’s easy to travel with and wrench yourself, it still retains the aerodynamics required to compete at the highest levels. The aerobars are easily removed for travel, and the brakes are hidden behind a magnetic cover to allow for quick access. And most importantly, starting today, the Legend is now available on Kickstarter.


The Culprit Legend

As we mentioned above, the first thing you notice about the Legend is its ability to run either disc or rim brakes (depending on fork choice). For those looking to run disc brakes, the Culprit is designed around the flat mount disc standard. If you’re looking to run a rim brake, Culprit is working with TRP on a new rim brake up front (utilizing a different fork). At the rear, rim brake fans will be able to use a Shimano direct mount rim brake fit under the bottom bracket (which is BB386 EVO). The Legend uses alloy adaptors to switch between 130 mm OLD rim brake hubs and 142 x 12 Shimano e-thru for disc brakes. Magnetic covers for the fork cover make brake adjustments easy, and the front brake cable routing and standard stem make travel just as easy.

Brake choice isn’t the only decision you’ll have to make if you get in on the Kickstarter. The Legend is also designed to work not only with both mechanical and electronic group sets, but Culprit is working to also incorporate the needs of athletes looking to run 1×11 as well.


For those interested in running a specific cockpit, the Legend can support any aerobar and stem combination. Or for those looking to simplify, Culprit will include a basebar and extensions.


For those considering hydration needs, the Legend can fit two bottles in the front triangle. It also offers your standard tri options from aftermarket suppliers of BTA and rear hydration. Also at the back are rear storage box mounts to accommodate after market options. The Legend also comes with a built-in multi-tool that has a spot in front of the seatpost to accommodate it.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Starting today the Legend is now available via Kickstarter with pricing options as low as 40% off the retail price (for the first 10 backers). This works out to a price as low as $2,095 for frame, fork, headset, seatpost, fork cover, bento box, multi-tool for in-frame design, rim brakes, or disc brake option. All backers also get Tri Shorts and a Tri Top from Nimblewear. Kickstarter supporters can choose from seven color options, or you may choose to pay an additional charge of $200 USD for custom color options.


For those who miss the first 10 frames, you can get in at 35% ($2,275) or 30% ($2,447). There is also a $10 reward level where you get a custom Culprit Carbon Ruler.

Wrapping Up

Interested? If so, check out the Kickstarter campaign and see if there’s still a chance to get in at 40% off. And for everyone else, stay tuned of our in-depth review of the Legend in the next few months.

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