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The first thing you notice when you walk up to XLAB’s Interbike booth isn’t the bikes up front or rows of hydration options on the walls. No the first thing you notice is the booth itself – more specifically that the booth is made up of carbon fiber beams. Because if you are going to be showcasing your carbon fiber products there is no better way to do it than build your whole booth out of the material.


XLAB was showcasing quite a few new products in the display this year. First up is the new Torpedo Versa with its new adjustable computer mount. XLAB also introduced the Torpedo Kompact – a combination cage, aero bar mount and computer mount.


There are two new bento boxes – the Stealth Pocket XP and Stealth Pocket Carbon for 2016. There is also a new Gear Box Kit – it’s a soft sided kit meant to fit inside a bottle cage that comes either empty or with a full repair kit. Finally there is a new insulated Cool Shot bottle with an enlarged neck to better fit into an XLAB Gorilla cage.


So read on below for a full break down of all the new products.

XLAB Torpedo Versa

The new Torpedo Versa centers around two big changes for the original Torpedo. First is a new base (available in two designs – Tribal and Arflow). This new base can handle extension widths from 75-150mm. The Torpedo Versa 500 mounts are made of carbon fiber to ensure a no rattle – no bounce system. The 500 ships with a carbon torpedo cage, torpedo bottle in black red or magenta and will be available for $149.95.

The Torpedo Versa 200 is limited to the Airflow design and comes with an aluminum plate and composite cage. The 200 also ships with a Torpedo bottle in black, red or magenta and will retail for $84.95.


Second is a new computer mount. The new mount is built around a Garmin 1/4 turn mount and can telescope in and out, tilt to avoid glare, and be positioned forward or back. With this new adjustability the new mount allows you to get the computer where you need it for whatever position you ride in.

The bottle gets a new breather valve that lets air in but doesn’t let your fuel out.

XLAB Torpedo Kompact.

The Torpedo Kompact is an all in one cage design that combines a velcro BTA mount with a cage and Garmin computer mount. The velcro mount will install quickly and not require cable cutters or other tools to break through Zipp ties.


The cage itself is raised up above the bars and should be able to fit over the stem on most bikes if you are looking for a more rearward position.


The computer is mounted above the cage which is available in translucent black and red. The Torpedo Kompact 100 will sell for $39.95.


Stealth Pocket XP and Stealth Pocket Carbon

The new Stealth Pocket XP adds two mounting options and external pockets to XLAB’s successful Stealth Pocket line. The XP can now be mounted via velcro straps or top tube boss mounts. On the outside of the XP are two external pockets for easy access to salt pills or a gel. The 200XP retails for $32.95, and the 400 XP for $42.95.


The Stealth Pocket Carbon gets a new carbon exterior to better match your frame. The Carbon gets three mounting options – top tube straps, stem/top tube straps and top tube bosses. The Stealth Pocket 100C will retail for $29.95, and the 400C for $44.95.


Gear Box Kit

The Gear Box Kit is a soft sided gear box meant to fit securely inside your XLAB Gorilla cage. Inside the box is a soft sound-proof inner meant to avoid the rattles with your standard hard case gear boxes.


The Gear Box will retail for $24.95, or if you include the XLAB Tri Tool Kit, you’ll get two tire levers, speed chuck inflator, 2 CO2s, and a patch kit for $59.95.


Cool Shot

The Cool Shot is an insulated racing bottle. Meant to work with XLAB cages, the bottle features a deep neck area where the cage can securely hold it in place. The Cool Shot features a 20 oz capacity and will retail for $9.95.


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