8-9-2015 WiR

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Wahoo Fitness RunFit App

It seems like every other month Wahoo has something new in store for us. Last month Wahoo introduced their new KICKR Snap – a more affordable and easier to live with iteration of their popular KICKR trainer. Today they are showing off their new RunFit app that aims to make heart rate training (using their popular TICKR HR monitors) easy for even the newest athlete.


RunFit helps runners and gym goers use their heart rate during exercise, captures cross-training data, and prompts the user to do post-run strength training exercises to achieve further gains. Paired with a TICKR, TICKR Run, or TICKR X (the app can also work with other third-party HR monitors), users have the ability to obtain the most comprehensive views of both their current workout and the integration of their running and cross-training. RunFit works on all iPhones as well as the Apple Watch (sorry, no Android support yet).

“Runners have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a wearable device and/or an app to capture and monitor their fitness data. However, most devices and apps do just that – provide data. They don’t necessarily help the user understand the data or tell him/her what to do with that data,” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “We developed RunFit to help users exercise in the right heart rate zones to help them reach their fitness goals, as well as highlight the importance of strength exercises so users can improve their running performance.”


With the app, you can easily see your heart rate and training zone to make your workout more efficient, plus accurate calorie burn. You can do a simple, guided heart rate test to personalize your workout zones.

We really like how these kinds of apps make it so much easier for the novice athlete to start taking advantage of more advanced training techniques. All too often we have heard new athletes avoid HR, power, or cadence training as they see it as an additional complication. Creating a simple and easy-to-use app is a great way to help users overcome that. And because the app syncs with Strava, MapMyFitness, and many other training platforms, you get an easy gamification motivator as well.

Watteam Update

Just under a year ago we shared our first look at the Watteam PowerBeat. At the time, we called it a very exciting announcement. Of course that was only if the Watteam team could live up to their goals. Well this week DCRainMaker got his first shot at actual ride time with the PowerBeat and came away impressed.


“Ultimately, I’m impressed with where they’ve gotten over the last year. They’re clearly very close to shipping status, especially if they can polish up the few (hopefully) minor bugs that are outstanding. Their installation process was much easier than I envisioned, and likely even easier and simpler than I make it look here (trying to convey detail can sometimes lead to making something more complex than it really is).”


For us this is great to hear. We think a $500 left\right power meter is going to be a major game changer. Like Ray, we expect to hear power announcements in the next few weeks. And one, if not more, could have similar pricing implications. But for now, it seems the PowerBeat is the one to beat if they can meet their production goals.


Also, regarding our thoughts on the installation process, we are already working on getting our own test unit to mount to our Trek Speed Concept. Stay tuned to see what happens when the AeroGeeks get their hands on a PowerBeat.

Current Reviews

Pedro’s Chain Pig

So far, the Chain Pig is so easy to use and solves many of the problems we have had with other chain cleaners.


Louis Garneau Tri-400

Light, stiff, and comfortable is the holy trifecta of tri bike shoes. After a month of riding with the Tri-400s, we think Louis Garneau is pretty close to hitting it. Although it wasn’t that way at first. Be sure to stay tuned to see our thoughts on the Tri-400s, and see how they went from painful to trouble-free with one simple realization.



After many months of carrying our bikes both to training and transition, we think we are ready to share our thoughts. We were already fans of the KUAT Sherpa, but do we see bang for the buck in the NV? Stay Tuned!





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