Zipp Vuka Aero – First Look

For the past few months, we have been catching a glimpse of a new integrated Zipp aero bar undergoing pro testing. From time to time, we’d see it show up underneath pro triathletes as they were finishing up the 2014 season. The new bar looked as though it took everything we loved about the Zipp Vuka Stealth, while still allowing you to use your own stem. Well, Zipp has finally pulled the of the covers, and the new Vuka Aero looks to be everything we had hoped it would be.


The Vuka Aero

The Vuka Aero is based on the shape of the SL-70 Aero road bar, resulting in an aero bar that’s stiff and streamlined, while maintaining the UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio requirement for time trial. A removable center cap is placed in front of the bar clamp that both integrates seamlessly with the shape of the bar and adds 5% stiffness to the aerobar. Like the Zipp SL Sprint Stem and SRAM Red cranks, the Vuka Aero is built using SRAMs Exogram technology, resulting in a weight of 700g (including the carbon extensions). The bar measures 400mm center to center.


Like the Vuka Stealth, the Vuka Aero features Zipp’s rapid routing cable exits for easy brake cable installation. The bar ships with a selection of risers, including Zipp’s new 5mm size (which will now also be available for the Vuka Stealth) as well as 10mm, 25mm, and 50mm. Zipp’s new Low-Stack Extension Clamp allows the armrest stack (vertical position) to be adjusted 12mm lower than previously possible. This is the setup used by pro triathlete Jordan Rapp.


The Vuka Aero will be available in June for a retail price of $722 (extensions sold separately) or $850 with extensions. However, for those looking to get a closer look, the Vuka Aero is already available on the Vuka Fit application.

Vuka Aero

Our Thoughts

Without saddle time or even a chance yet to pick it up, our thoughts are limited. But considering that one of our test bikes is a Felt DA with an integrated stem, this is a product that speaks to us. If the Aero really is everything the Stealth is, without the integrated stem, we are going to be sold. And that’s something only a long-term review will tell us. Lucky for us (and you) Zipp is already working on getting one to us. Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice looking sleek and low stack aerobar. However Torx bolts? Really? Would be a bit of a hassle for most who travels a lot and can’t carry all tools (that would be additional torx tools and torx heads for the torque wrench).

    Alternatively, one could replace all those torx bolts with hex but that’s another minor inconvenience.

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