5-31-2015 WiR

This week we showed our love of Specialized. We not only shared our long-term review of our Specialized Shiv test bike, but we also added two new Shivs to our Readers’ Rides collection. And of course we still have our Final Thoughts on the Evade as well as our review of the Prevail coming up. Needless to say,  there’s some serious Specialized love here at AG headquarters.

A Zipp Vuka Stealth was tested using our Specialized Shiv

A Zipp Vuka Stealth was tested using our Specialized Shiv

Reader Rides

If you’re a regular reader, you know that Readers’ Rides is one of our favorite ways to showcase our fans’ amazing race steeds. And as we mentioned earlier, this week was all about Specialized. Ingo sent us shots of his TWO Specialized Shivs. His S-Works is his newest Shiv and comes equipped with a Zipp 404/808 setup with power2max power meter, Shimano Di2, Rotor Q-Rings, ISM TT, Look Blade Carbon, and Conti GP 4000sII What’s more, it was bought just a few days ago!


Before that, Ingo had his original Shiv with Shimano Di2, Garmin Vector power meters, Zipp 404s, and an ISM saddle.


Although Specialized wasn’t the only brand featured in Readers’ Rides this week. Gal sent us this shot of his Trek Speed Concept fitted with a Shimano Road Ultegra mechanical setup and a Reynolds Cycling 66 wheel set. He also equipped it with an Adamo Racing saddle and XLAB Hydration rear hydration setup.


You can check out our complete Readers’ Rides gallery at http://on.fb.me/12jEqE3. If you would like to have your bike featured in our album, just tweet us at @AeroGeeksFacebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

This Week’s Posts

Thursday – Specialized Shiv – Final Thoughts

Hidden Motors

Have you ever seen someone blow by you in a race and wondered where they hid the little engine that must be helping them along? Well, it turns out you aren’t the only one. If you follow peloton racing, you’ve probably heard that the UCI is making a big deal about hidden motors in frames. After almost every stage in the Giro they have been inspecting the winning bikes for any signs of mechanical assistance. And while many in the peloton think hidden motors exist only in fantasy, CyclingTips recently went out and found that these motors not only already exist, but could easily be found in the group riding next to you.


CyclingTips did a great article on the vivax Assist that breaks down both the enhanced abilities you can get from a frame-based motor as well as just how easy it is to hide in the frame. The good news is that, so far, these seem to be designed for round-tubed bikes. Therefore the skinnier, aero shapes we are accustomed to may present more of a challenge for a motor manufacturer to overcome. However, given enough time, we are sure that someone will come up with a solution. So for now, start paying close attention to the guy blowing by you. If you don’t hear the whoomp whoomp of a disc but the whir of a motor, you may want to think about letting your friendly race marshal know.

Current Reviews

Profile Design FC25

We have been getting our rides in with the FC25, and the first thing we can tell you is that it really does check all the boxes. It allows multiple straw locations, carries a computer, the refill port is fairly splashless but still easy to fill, and the FC25 even has the ability to pack a few gels. No, it’s not 100% perfect, but it’s still pretty darn good.


Cycliq Fly6

We are wrapping up our time with the Fly6, and the biggest thing we’ve realized is just how naked we feel now when we don’t have it. Having someone watch your back is a very comforting feeling.


LG Course M-2 Triathlon Skin

We’ve trained in it, we’ve raced in it, and all we have left to do is to write about it. Built for WTC races, it more than holds its own in shorter Sprint and Olympic events.



When we got the NV we couldn’t help but wonder if we would really ever use the integrated repair stand. Well, it turns out that we use it all the time. Whether doing a quick wheel change at the race venue or lubing up the bike after hauling it a couple hundred miles, the repair stand is a real time saver.


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