8-17-2014 WiR

Sorry for the late WiR this week. The team took the weekend off to get a little family time in. Luckily no family members seem to have forgotten our names, and we are back on track this week.

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Make sure to check out the latest from GU below, as well as some very exciting research coming from Microsoft that will help make even the shakiest action cam footage an Oscar caliber performance.

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This Week’s Posts

MondayWatteam Powerbeat – First Look

WednesdayGiro Selector – Review

GU Root Beer and Lemonade

It was only a few short weeks ago that we shared with you the new GU Chocolate Peanut Butter and Salted Watermelon flavors. We had expected that these would be the last new releases from GU until 2015, but lucky for us we were wrong.


This past week we had the chance to try GU Root Beer and GU Roctane Lemonade. We had high hopes and expectations for Root Beer, if only because Root Beer happens to be one of our favorite beverages around the AG office. GU didn’t disappoint with a flavor that comes across as more Mug than A&W. It has a strong flavor and we preferred these earlier in our workouts than later (the cooler the better).

DSC_0021 (2)

The Lemonade flavor was a bit the polar opposite of the Root Beer. Where the Root Beer was intense, the Lemonade was a bit mellow. In actuality we tend to like a very strong Lemonade, and were hoping for something with just a bit more tartness (though this may be for the best since puckering up while working out doesn’t sound like the best idea). If you are a fan of either flavor they are both worth checking out, and should be available now.

Hyperlapse Videos

Action cameras have provided some truly stunning videos over the past few years. We have posted quite a few including ones from the Tour of California and GoPro’s own Hero3 footage. But the reality is that most of the footage is shaky and tough to follow. Soon however, that may be a thing of the past.

Research at Microsoft is being used to create hyper-lapse videos that create the impression of a smoothly moving camera. Essentially they are smartly generated time-lapse videos. We can only hope that GoPro, Garmin and others are able to integrate this into their studios in the next year or so. But until then check out the video below.

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