8-3-2014 WiR

Some good news to end the week – the AeroGeeks are getting healthy again. Our chief editor got back to training and our multisport editor is not far behind. But even though we have been sidelined, it hasn’t stopped us from sharing some exciting news and reviews this week.

2015 Felt IA2

2015 Felt IA2

We got a chance to look at Felt’s 2015 lineup, including the incredibly priced B2. We also had the chance to share a plethora of photos of Scott’s new Plasma 5. Devon finished his thoughts on the, P2 and we also spent some time with Ogio’s Endurance 9.0 bag. We expect this coming week to be just as busy!

2015 Felt B2

2015 Felt B2

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This Week’s Posts

TuesdayCervelo P2 – Final Thoughts

WednesdayScott Plasma 5 – The Pictures

ThursdayOgio Endurance 9.0 Athletic Bag – Review

Friday2015 Felt Triathlon \ TT Lineup – First Look

Mail Room

The mail room was surprisingly quiet this week. But considering all the great products we are already testing, we could use a week off!

Current Reviews

  1. TriRig Alpha – The Alpha is fully installed on our Quintana Roo CD0.1 test bike, and our first test rides look very promising. The Alpha has to be one of the easiest bars to adjust. You can make all adjustments needed using only a single 4mm wrench.
  2. BMC Time Machine TMR02 – Tracy, our multisport editor, got her first long ride on the BMC to end the week. There is no doubt this bike is related to BMC’s TM time trial machine.
  3. Bontrager Hilo XXX Carbon Saddle – We have been fans of the Hilo line since we got to spend time with the RXL Speed Dial last year. While the XXX does not have the adjustability of the speed dial, it more than makes up for that in weight!
  4. Zipp Vuka Stealth – The Alpha isn’t the only aerobar we are currently testing. The Vuka Stealth has been on our Shiv for a month now and we are loving it. The arm rests are easily some of the most comfortable we’ve ever tested.
  5. Giro Selector – We took the Selector for a spin this week. At speed you get far more air across your head than you would expect. The inner channeling really works (even with the visor on).

3 responses to “8-3-2014 WiR

  1. Hi- I’m looking at a new 2013 b2 for $4k, orig $6k. Is this a good deal or should I wait for the 2015? I heard the ’15s won’t have dual position shifters- only on aero bars. Any other spec differences to consider? Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan – it is amazing how much difference a month makes. A month ago we would have told you to jump on it, but with the 2015 coming out the decision is obviously alot harder.

      With the 2013 you do get the dual position shifters as well as the TTR2 wheels (vs the TTR3 wheels that are a smidge shallower on the 2015). The 2013 also did come with the Torhans Vr bottle as part of it as well. Finally the 2013 was only 10 speed vs the 11 speed on the 2015.

      As far as we can tell that covers the majority of differences between the two bikes. Both have the new B frame and Bayonet 3 bar. You can find the full 2013 spec list here – http://2013.feltracing.com/USA/2013/TT-TRI/B-Series/B2.aspx.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for stepping through the ’13 vs ’15 B2 differences. Makes it a tough choice as both have benefits over the other. I really like the paint scheme of the ’13, it’s the little things ; )

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