4-27-2014 WiR (The Late Edition)

Wow, we are just a little late on this. Race weeks are always crazy around AeroGeeks HQ. Between the race prep and travel time, we usually don’t end up with a huge amount of time to write new articles or get in much testing. But the good news is that we had a whole bunch of quick items we wanted to share with you, so better late than never!

St Anthony’s Triathlon

Normally we don’t get the opportunity to spend much time watching the pros race. But while Tracy, our multisport editor was out on the course, we got to see the finish of both the men’s and women’s pro events. A big congratulations to Ruedi Wild and Sarah Haskins for taking the wins.

Nathan Sports AP Pro – Updates

While we have not yet finished our time with the AP Pro, we have become quite fond of the bottle. It ticks off most of the items we look for in a hydration system. However we have had two issues with it thus far and are searching for solutions. The first was the lack of an integrated computer mount, but it looks like the Speedfil A2 Computer Mount should do the job nicely. Second was that the plastic cover for the refill port had no leash, which meant you either rode with it on or off. Removing an untethered plastic cap mid-race really isn’t a feasible option. Fortunately it looks like Nathan Sports heard our concerns and has added a leash as part of a mid-year product refresh. We love seeing companies make these kind of updates!

Nathan Sports AP Pro Updates

The Shelfie

Many of you may know Jürgen Beneke from his time on the World Cup circuit. While some spent their retirement enjoying the good life, Jürgen seems to be taking a different approach. He is in the process of releasing the Shelfie. Part storage rack, part repair stand, and part display case – the Shelfie seeks to help those with tight living accommodations find a home for their best friend.


The Shelfie will be mounted with two fasteners directly into the studs and two additional toggle bolts for drywall. The current prototypes can hold 50lbs, but the final version should be able to hold up to 75lbs.

This is definitely a project we will be keeping an eye on as we know not every reader has a 3 car garage for bike stoage. Head on over to Jürgen’s Kickstarter page to find out more – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1343076509/shelfie-home-is-where-you-hang-your-bike.


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