4-20-2014 WiR

To those who celebrated, we hope you and your families had a wonderful Easter. For others, we hope you had a wonderful weekend! The AeroGeeks almost had a small disaster this week. On our Saturday ride, Mike made the mistake of taking his eyes off the road, and the next thing he knew he was on top of his own group. Luckily there were no major injuries. Though Mike is sidelined for a week, and a new Bontrager R4 Aero is needed to replace a damaged tire. All in all, not a horrible outcome. We are making Mike do all the bike maintenance this week to help make him remember the rules of the road, however.

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We did get quite a bit of testing in this week, though. With the Scott Split, Reynolds Strike SLGs, Speedfil Computer Mount, and SportRx glasses all getting put through their initial paces. We also had a chance to finish our time with the Newton Distance Elites and share our first thoughts on the 910xt.

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This Week’s Posts:

Monday – Nathan Sports Fire & Ice Bottle – Review

Thursday – Garmin 910xt – First Ride

Friday – Newton Women’s Distance Elite Lightweight Neutral Performance Trainer – Final Thoughts

Mail Room:

SportRx sent us a second pair of lenses this week. While we already had lenses for a set of Oakley Racing Jackets, they added a set for our Oakley Fast Jackets as well. For those who race with contacts or choose to race sans lenses, this is a product we cannot wait to share with you.

Current Reviews:

  1. Nathan Sports AP Pro – Success, for real this time! We rode with the Speedfil computer mount strapped on to the AP Pro and it worked perfectly.
  2. Garmin 910xt – First thoughts published. Make sure to check them out. Also, while we touched on it in the article, the ANT+ syncing is phenomenal. You just have to walk within range of your computer with the 910xt on and everything syncs up. We love simple, easy-to-use products that work effortlessly.
  3. SportRx Racing Jacket –We now have two sets of lenses, and two things keep blowing us away. First, our eyes are thanking us now that we can train without having to put in our contacts at 4am. And secondly, no one would even have a clue these are prescription lenses based on looks alone.
  4. Scott Split Helmet – We had our first chance to ride the Scott Split this week and it was a bit of an interesting ride thanks to a torrential downpour. Unfortunately, we cannot really say how well it was cooling-wise since the rain was doing a pretty good job of that regardless. However, we can say that we felt the wind running over the top of our head, so our first impressions are good so far!
  5. Reynolds Strike SLGs – Our first ride this week occurred during the same downpour mentioned above. First impressions are that they make for strong cruisers and are incredibly resistant to cross winds. We are excited to see how they accelerate and climb.
  6. Reynolds Cryo Blue Pads – The one remaining question we had for these pads was how they would do in the rain; and as it turns out, the answer is fantastic. We actually had these on two sets of Reynolds – the Strikes and a set of Aeros. Both riders commented on how well the pads stopped given the conditions. Stay tuned for our overall thoughts this week.

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