3-16-2014 WiR

We spent the week testing, testing and then – a little more testing. While we most of our time was spent working on existing reviews. That did not stop us from kicking off our time with a few new products as well. The Vision Metron 81s hit the road for the first time this week on our Shiv while the Cobb Cycling Fifty Five also found its way onto our Fuji Norcom Straight tester as well. Make sure to take a look down below at our Current Reviews section to check up on our latest thoughts as we go through the review process.


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This Week’s Posts:

Wednesday – Stages Power Meter – First Ride

Friday – Zipp SL-70 Aero – First Look

Mail Room:

The action picked up in the mail room this week. The biggest news was Enve’s new SES Aero Aero bar. While we can tell you that we are excited to test it due to it’s highly adjustable design, the reality is we think it looks bad ass and wanted a chance to see if it performs as good as it looks. Brooks sent us their PureConnect 3’s for testing that Tracy will be spending some time with. And finally Nathan Sports sent us a number of running lights including the StobeLight, LightBender and LightSpur. While all are meant for running we do plan on taking a few of these on rides with us and seeing how they stack up.

Current Reviews:

  1. Nathan Sports AP Pro – We are really starting to miss the computer mount on the AP Pro. So far this is the only drawback of the bottle, but one that we cannot overlook. We suspect Nathan Sports will have a fix for this in the not too distant future.
  2. Vision Metron 81 – Tracy had the 81’s on the road this week and came away impressed. The wheels are fast cruisers and the stopping power was better than expected.
  3. Garmin 910xt – One nitpick against the 910xt – when in standby mode the clock doesn’t display. While this saves on the battery, it does make this a training only device and not quite the watch we would have liked it to be.
  4. Fuji Norcom Straight 1.3 – We swapped out the stock Oval saddle for the Cobb Cycling Fifty Five this week.  Nothing against the included saddle, but we are big fans of the split nose saddle design and couldn’t get comfortable on the Oval.
  5. Cobb Cycling FiftyFive JOF – We installed the Fifty Five this week and are impressed. To us it falls in between the Adamo Podium and Road.
  6. Sport Crafters Omnium – While sidelined with his injury – Devon has been spending time on the Omnium. Extremely portable and easy to setup, Devon’s been making use of the Omnium until he gets back on the road. He should have some further insight in the next couple weeks.
  7. Marc Pro Device – Marc Pro sent us a unit a few weeks ago to see what we thought of their muscle conditioning device. While we have only used it a few times, so far our thoughts are pretty positive – our muscles are feeling better after we work out.

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  1. So one thing I do with the 910xt is put it into pool swim mode and have the 3rd screen turned on with one field only showing the “Time of Day”. Since I’m not recording, etc the watch actually will last a day or two, but it’s certainly not a wrist watch. Just a tip to get by with it.

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