Vision Metron Aero Brake Lever – Review

Much like upgrading your basebar, the reasons to upgrade your brake levers typically revolve around fit, weight, and styling. You are either looking to lighten the bike in every way possible, you find your current levers are simply not comfortable, or you just want to upgrade from the standard levers that every other bike in transition has. And let’s face it – if you are going to upgrade, you’re going with carbon. With all that in mind, the Vision Metron Aero Brake Lever is going to be one of the top choices on your list.


At a measured 46g per lever (45.5g claimed) these are one of the lighter options on the market. And like their TriMax carbon basebar, these levers are just plain gorgeous. Vision knows how to lay down their carbon. We also appreciated that with our Metron shifters (unfortunately no longer being sold) and our TriMax basebar we have an almost complete Vision cockpit on our QR test bike (just need a set of TriMax Carbon clip-ons to complete it). And there is just something about having a fully matching cockpit that we appreciate.


After over 1,000 miles with the Metrons, we feel as though we got to know the levers very well. The levers have an extremely long reach, which allows a huge amount of brake modulation. You can easily differentiate between bleeding off a little speed, stopping at a stop light, and full-on brake lock. The downside of this is that the lever’s reach is a bit more than others on the market. When compared to the Tektro TL720s that came with our test bike, the Tektros have a roughly 75mm reach, while the Metrons were closer to 100mm. Those with shorter fingers may have issues. But those like Mike who have a larger hand are going to find this to be a brake lever that gives them a huge amount of control.


For those who are looking to upgrade and have the hands to match the Meton’s reach – you are going to be extremely happy with these levers. They modulate well, weigh next to nothing, and look fantastic. And when buying brake levers, those are probably the exact traits you are looking for.

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  3. I have the Vision Metron Aero Brake Levers and one has come loose.
    How do I tighten? When I pull and open top of handle, I only see small hole with brake cable. Where do I access bolt for tightening expansion? Setup looks similar to your picture on tri-bars, no shifter.

    • Hi Barr – unfortunately we no longer have the Aero Brake levers in house so are not able to specifically remember. But if memory serves we did have to cut the cable to tighten.

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