2014 Felt IA – First Look

Well, it’s happened, as we all knew it would. Felt’s Racing Division, appropriately acronymed “FRD,” has released a bike faster than their beloved DA. How much faster, you ask? Try twice as fast. Considering how ludicrously quick the DA already is, this has the opportunity to turn the triathlon market on its ear and make some manufacturers very, very nervous. And that, in our opinion, is an excellent thing.


The down and seat tubes of the all-new Felt IA are incredibly deep, and according to Felt, help make the IA 10% stiffer than its UCI-legal cousin, as well as offer some incredible amenities for the high-end rider, such as an integrated battery compartment tucked into the seat tube just fore of the rear wheel, an integrated bento box, and center-pull front brake housed within an aero fairing. Further, the seat post and clamping mechanism have been re-worked to only clamp the walls of the seat post and therefore avoid collapsing the shaped tube through accidental over tightening. This also provides a much more secure clamp so that your position remains locked in no matter how many flying mounts you try.


The only downside to the IA is the price. At $$9,999 there is no question that this is an ultra-high-end machine. But like the original DA, we can anticipate trickle-down technology in the next few years, giving all riders a chance at an IA of their very own.


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  3. The bike which made Specialized Shiv looks like an old museum furniture…
    Can’t wait to get one!!

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