Cobb Rapido Tri Shorts – Review

When it comes to the Cobb Rapido shorts, the first feature you will notice  is their absolute lack of chamois. We don’t mean that they have a small one, or a thin one, or anything of the sort. We mean that there is absolutely no chamois whatsoever in these shorts. A pair of panels is all you get. But, if you’ve set up your saddle correctly, that should be everything you need. Don’t take it that these are uncomfortable shorts, they are quite the opposite. Cobb claims to have created a short that will keep riders dry without bunching in the leg seams, which will eliminate “sticktion” (the main cause of saddle chaffing, according to Cobb).


Of course instinct would tell you that removing the chamois would lead to some serious chaffing, we can tell you that we have not experienced any chaffing in these shorts thus far. In fact, if these shorts are uncomfortable, look at your bike fit – there’s likely something wrong that you’re finally able to feel. We actually ended up making some minor tweaks to our saddles while testing these shorts, and we feel as though our bike fit has improved as a result.


While the lack of a conventional chamois may worry you on the bike, it definitely makes for a very comfortable run. There is nothing to shift or readjust after leaving the saddle to transition to the run. You can simply slip on your running shoes and be on your way.


While we enjoy the fit of these shorts, in the end the most useful feature of Cobb’s shorts is the pockets. Each thigh has a long, skintight pocket that fits a phone perfectly. Or, if one is so inclined, the pocket will also hold a protein bar or couple of gels. When it comes to tri shorts; pockets are definitely your friend, especially on the run where a race belt may make fishing things out of a jersey pocket rather cumbersome. The thigh pockets are easy enough to get to, and anything in them is compressed enough to not look like you’ve worn your cargo shorts on race day.


The sizing of these shorts is worth noting since they tend to run a bit small. And when we say small, we really mean that there is no wiggle room at all. They fit like a glove. So if you’re debating between a small and a medium, you might want to go with the medium just to be safe.

Those looking for a minimalist pair of tri-shorts, you need look no further than the Cobb Rapidos. They have the fit you need with the small details we here at AeroGeeks appreciate.

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