6/16/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

It may be a bit self-serving but – Happy Father’s Day (especially to those first time dads)! Hopefully our dad readers got to spend Sunday with their families and possibly got themselves a great gift or two. Mike is enjoying his new Park Tools Shop Stool for his home garage.


This week saw the completion of two products we really enjoyed, the Osysmetric rings and Torhans Aero 20 and Aero 30. But with the completion of one review comes the start of another (or in this case quite a few). The mail room was busy this week, with products coming in from both Cobb Cycling and Specialized, give us another week and we will let you see what they are.

Unfortunately we did not have any entries for the Readers Rides section today, but remember if you want to have your bike featured on our Reader Rides page you can tweet us at @AeroGeeks, Facebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

This Week’s Posts

Wednesday – Osymetric Rings – Final Thoughts

Thursday – Torhans Aero 20 / Aero 30 – Final Thoughts

Links we Like

Two links really stood out to us this week. First was the Mailbag – 1 at SlowTwitch. If you did not get a chance to see it this week, it is worth a quick read. So often we get questions regarding if one should carry a saddle bag come race time, and unfortunately even in the office it is rare we can come up with one consistent response. Greg does a great job of walking through the scenarios you should consider when deciding what you should carry.

We also loved the video from our friends over at ICEdot – Are You a Bike Wrecker?

Current Reviews

1. Giro Air Attack Shield

We are planning our thoughts on the Air Attack this coming week, but we can tell you that this has become our go to helmet for all rides regardless of the heat.

2. Profile Design Aero HC System

With our first thoughts article now two weeks old, we are continuing to see what the Aero HC can do. We have already started to take into account questions received on the first article so keep them coming!

Profile Design Aero HC System – First Ride

3. WheelBuilder AeroJacket

When you first get the AeroJacket you will find a warning mentioning that this is not intended to be ridden every ride. For you, our readers, we are risking it to find just what the AeroJacket is made of, and so far it has not let us down.

Wheel Builder Aero Jacket Disc Cover – First Ride

4. Bontrager Hilo RXL Speed Dial

We mounted the RXL this past week and have two rides on it so far. We have found that compared to the Adamos and Dash saddles we had been riding, the RXL requires a slight nose down position. That being said we are really enjoying how tunable the saddle is and we look forward to playing with the channel width.

Thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!

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