5/26/2013 – AeroGeeks Week in Review

We hope that everyone is having a fantastic weekend and for those of us here in the US, we hope you are enjoying a nice long Memorial Day Weekend. We finished one review this week (the Vision Metron Crank) and immediately started another (the WheelBuilder AeroJacket). We also shared part 1 of our two part article on RoadID. We want all of our riders to ride safe out there and we absolutely believe that a RoadID (or similar way of carrying identification is part of it).

Memorial Day

This Week’s Posts

Wednesday – Vision Metron Crankset – Final Thoughts

Thursday – RoadID Part 1 – Why RoadID?


These past two weeks were huge for Specialized that we wanted to take a moment to highlight them. First was the introduction of the S-Works Venge Cavendish Frameset to highlight Cav’s 100th (and 101 and 102) wins. If you are a regular reader of this site you will know how big of fans we are of aero road frames, and the Venge is one of the best out there. The Cav edition has what we believe to be, the best look of the current models of the Venge.


More importantly Specialized also showed off their brand new low speed wind tunnel; a tunnel they claim is the first ever designed specifically to test bicycles and their components. We believe this is a huge step for Specialized (and the industry) as this now allows them to create an idea, throw it in a 3D printer, and have it in the tunnel in a matter of days if not hours.


Specialized plans to not only test their aero specific frames here, but in fact every bike, as almost every rider (down to the commuters) will benefit from watt savings. They also plan to look at bikes as part of the larger peloton and not just an individual rider. When designing the tunnel, they specifically went with a width and length that would allow them to place multiple frames in at once and see how this affects the frames being designed. We are extremely excited to see what comes from this, and even more excited to get in the tunnel ourselves and see what it can do.


Reader Rides (aka Geek Rides)

While we didn’t have a new entry to our Reader Rides this week we felt the need to share the image of our DA4 test frame with a set of unmarked Reynolds Strikes and an AeroJacket cover. We cannot get over just how gorgeous this looks.

Photo May 25, 8 09 07 AM

Remember if you want to have your bike featured on our Reader Rides page you can tweet us at @AeroGeeks, Facebook message us, or email us at info@AeroGeeks.com.

Current Reviews

1. Osymetric Chainrings

We did some climbing this week but have some more scheduled for next. So far we haven’t noticed any difference in feel from the Osymetrics versus a standard circular set of rings.

Osymetric Rings – First Ride

2. Flo Cycling Flo 30s

Mike finally rode the 30s, which means you can expect our final thoughts this week.

FLO Cycling FLO 30s – First Ride

3. Torhans Aero System

Mike and Devon traded this weekend, Mike got the Torhans and Devon got the Aero HC. Mike will be riding the Torhans this week with our final thoughts expected in early June.

Torhans Aero System – First Ride

5. Giro Air Attack Shield

Best of both worlds is a phrase that accurately describes this helmet. Even in 90 degree heat we are never feeling overheated.

6. Profile Design Aero HC System

With the hydration trade mentioned above, Devon will be taking his turn with the Aero HC. Expect our first thoughts either late this week or early next.

7. WheelBuilder AeroJacket

A few weeks ago we had a conversation with one of our readers regarding the merits of discs and disc covers. Following the conversation we felt the best way to share our thoughts was to base a review around it, and this is where we start. WheelBuilder.com sent us an AeroJacket for a set of Reynolds Strikes we had on hand, stay tuned for our first thoughts!

Thanks for reading AeroGeeks and helping build the AG community. Always remember that our favorite reviews are the ones that you suggest. Let us know what you would like to see on our pages!

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