Specialized’s 2013 Clothing Line

BikeRadar recently covered Specialized’s 2013 clothing line, and our first reaction at AG headquarters was – Specialized has a clothing line?  Well it turns out they do, and based on BikeRadar’s article, we’re pretty impressed.  We like the race-cut SL road jersey and matching bibs in particular.  It is so easy to forget that the biggest aero drag isn’t the wheels or the frame but your actual body.  This is where aero clothing can make a huge difference. And from the look of it, Specialized’s SL line will get the job done.


However, the whole story isn’t just the clothing but the way Specialized went about developing it.  Five years ago the Specialized designers had no ability to transfer their ideas from mere designs to actual prototype samples without involving factories, which was a complex and costly process.  Now they are able to create ready-to-wear items in under two hours.


Overall we are impressed with the lengths Specialized went to develop its 2013 line.  After all, it’s easy to forget that your jersey is responsible for more than stashing a spare tube and a GU.  Lucky for us, Specialized didn’t.

[via BikeRadar]

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