2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers

All of our favorite stocking stuffers are the ones that keep us going mid-workout. Whether it’s on the run, the bike, or just as a mid-day pick-me-up—these are the snacks that we always reach for (and certainly wouldn’t mind receiving in bulk!).

GU Stroopwafle – $1.25

GU Stroopwafles are still one of our favorite pre- and mid-ride snacks. While they are a little big for the run pouch, they are perfect for a jersey pocket. Hot Chocolate and Campfire S’mores are our clear favorites this year, and we find that a Stroopwafle warmed up in our pockets after a long ride is bested only when they are dipped in a post-ride espresso.

Nuun Active – $7.00

Nuun is an annual attendee on this list, and this year is no different. When we are looking for hydration that tastes great and contains electrolytes, but skips the calories, we quickly grab for a Nuun tube.

Tailwind Nutrition – $2.50

Tailwind was our go-to source of nutrition all through long course training this year. We never had a single stomach issue while using it, and always got the calories we needed reliably. Raspberry Buzz was our favorite flavor all year, and even after a few thousand miles on it, we still enjoy the flavor!