2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Maintenance and Up Keep

Let’s face it, bikes can’t take care of themselves. So, sooner or later, it’s important to learn how to wrench your bike rather than just driving it to your local bike shop. From gear floss to a complete starter tool kit, these are the gifts that will make sure your friends’ and family’s bikes stay on the road where they belong.

Finish Line Gear Floss – $6.99

Take a look at your cassette. Really, go ahead – we’ll wait. See all that dirt and grime in there? Every time a chain link catches it, you are losing a percentage of a watt. It’s not much, but over time, that’ll end up costing you real time on the road. Finish Line Gear Floss helps clean out your cassette without making you remove it from the hub. It helps keep those watts where they belong – heading straight for the road.

Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner – $24.99

The Pro Chain Cleaner is one of the easiest chain cleaners we have had the chance to use. The top is easily removed for refilling, and our chain comes out super shiny after each run. The angled design really keeps degreaser from ending up all over the floor.

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti Torque – $99

Looking for an easy-to-use Torque wrench you can carry on the ride with you? Look no further than the Ti Torque kits from Silca. It contains 10 bits, a mini ratchet, and a torque wrench. We love to travel to race sites with this in hand in case we need to make a micro adjustment at the last second.

Silca Hiro Side-Lever Locking Chuck – $110

The Silca Hiro is our go-to pump head in almost all conditions and another regular in our annual gift guide. And when it comes to pumping disc wheels, it is simply impossible to beat. It’s easy to use and fits in the tightest of spaces. We keep one with us as we head to any and every race, and yes, we protect it like it’s our first born. Yep, it really is that good.

Feedback Sports Ride Prep: Tool Kit – $129.99

The Ride Prep: Took Kit features everything you need to make sure you can head out the door on two wheels. The kit includes 12 bicycle tools designed specifically for cycling applications with professional grade durability. Know someone just getting into the sport and looking to start their tool collection? A Ride Prep: Tool Kit is the perfect gift.

Silca T-Handle Folio – $185

The definition of a great gift is one you probably won’t buy for yourself but have been secretly coveting. A $185 T-Handle folio set definitely qualifies. And let’s just say that, once we got in our garage, we have never wanted to part with – it’s simply the best T-Handle set we have tried to date. If you put this under someone’s tree, we can almost guarantee a smile on their face.